Loreto College - Coleraine, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland
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Examinations & Reports

There are two sets of school examinations each year Ė one in December and the other in June. Each year group covers the same course in each subject and all pupils sit the same test in each of the subjects. Marking is standardised across the year group. The report gives an individualís mark in each subject, the average mark scored in that subject in the year group and a comment by each subject teacher.

The Form Teacher writes a general comment on the pupilís progress and behaviour. It is signed by the Principal who may also comment. The Report Book remains the property of the College while the pupil is here. It is given to the pupil on leaving. The pupilís personal statement for the Record of Achievement is enclosed with the report. Parents sign and return the report and sign that they have seen the personal statement.

Parents may arrange to discuss the report by making an appointment with the Head of Year. The report contributes to the Record of Achievement which is built up during the pupilís school career.