Loreto College - Coleraine, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland
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Referral System

This system of discipline referral operates as follows:

A number of precepts underpin this system of referral.

It is based upon a whole school approach, is positive and is designed to help the pupil. It is wholly consistent with the aims and ethos of the school.
It is designed to support and encourage a disciplined environment within which effective teaching and learning can take place. 
It combines aspects of both pastoral and discipline policy designed to bring pupils to realise that they are responsible for their actions and must face the consequences. 
It seeks to identify unacceptable behaviour early in a pupil’s career and correct it. It works in close partnership with parents at all stages.

The system draws upon the pastoral system within the school. Central to its success is the consistent use of the student’s Homework Diary/Student Planner. Absences, Behaviour, Punctuality, Teacher comments and Parent comments can all be recorded in this.

The system is graduated as follows:

1 Pupils are warned verbally about a misdemeanour. Teacher Level.
2 If this (or similar) is repeated, a note to parents is written in the Homework Diary and the incident
 is also recorded in the Behaviour section of the Diary. Teacher/Form Teacher Level.
3 Three such entries in any three months warrants detention. Year Head Level. 
4 Some offences such as chewing gum, uniform infringement, bullying or fighting warrant automatic detention. A detention note is sent to parents. A pupil who is absent through truancy for part or all of a day(s) is suspended. 
5 If three detentions occur inside any three months the pupil appears before the Discipline Committee. This consists of three teachers drawn fromVice Principals,Year Heads and Form Teachers. A formal letter is sent to parents inviting them to attend. The pupil is formally told of the date and time of the interview. The outcome is the signing of a “Pupil Contract” and possibly the pupil being put “On Report”. The parents receive a copy of the contract. Vice-Principal Level. 
6 Should the “Pupil Contract” be seriously compromised the Principal is informed and suspension may follow. The parents are formally written to by the Principal. Principal Level. 
7 The final stage is a recommendation to parents that the pupil’s interests would be best served at another school or expulsion. Principal/ Governor Level. 
8 While this graduated system lists the consequences for a repeated series of offences, the serious offender (physical violence, trading in drugs etc.) will be summarily suspended and his/her future in the College considered. Principal/ Governor Level.