Loreto College - Coleraine, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland
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Charges & Remissions

The Board of Governors is required by the Education Reform (NI) Order to establish its own Charges and Remissions Policy.

This policy will operate for the incoming Financial Year and will be subject to monitoring and review.

Capital Fees

The Board of Governors levies a capital charge of £75 in respect of each pupil at the school for the purpose of meeting expenditure on

  • the provision or alteration of school premises
  • equipment provided in connection with the provision or alteration of school premises.
This fee is payable by;
18th†June for Year 8 pupils
4th†September for Years 11 - 14 pupils
6th†November for Years 9 & 10 pupils.
This charge is not remitted in any circumstances.


Charges will be made in respect of residential and non-residential activities which take place wholly or more than 50% outside school hours when the childís participation has been agreed in advance by the parent.

The charge will include the cost of travel, admission fees, materials, books and equipment and, where appropriate, board and lodgings.

There will be no remission of charges in any circumstances.

Examination Entries

Approved Public Examinations.

The Entry fee is paid by the school for a pupil to sit once any GCSE, A Level subject, A Level module or AS Level for which the school prepares the pupil.

Any other Examination Entry fees are the responsibility of the pupil.

Individual Tuition in Music

Singing lessons and piano lessons are provided (subject to the personnel resources available) to prepare students for examinations (Trinity College and Guildhall respectively). The fee of £225 is payable in advance in two instalments. These charges will not be remitted.


Transport will be provided free of charge where such transport can be classified as†necessary to the education provided for the pupils eg Fieldwork in Geography, Biology etc.

School Property

Parents are asked to pay for repair or replacement of damaged fabric, furnishing or equipment where this damage is the result of their child's behaviour.

Practical Subjects

A charge will be made for ingredients and materials used by a pupil where parents indicate in advance a wish to own the finished product.

Optional Extras

Where parents indicate their wish to have pupils attend Open Days, Art Exhibitions etc they must meet the full cost of the outing and such monies must be paid in advance. There will be no remission of charges in any circumstances.

Board and Lodging on a Residential Trip

(i)The Board of Governors will charge for board and lodging where a non-optional school activity involves pupils spending a night or nights away from home. In such cases, parents in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance or Family Credit may apply to the school to have such charges remitted.
(ii)Charges for board and lodging on a residential trip considered to be an optional extra will not be remitted.

Voluntary Contribution

If the grants payable by DENI do not cover expenses incurred by the school, parents will be asked to give a voluntary contribution.