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Y8 Academic Award winners at Loreto College Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James - View Full Size Image
Y8 Academic Award winners at Loreto College Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James
Y9 Academic Award winners at Loreto College Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James - View Full Size Image
Y9 Academic Award winners at Loreto College Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James
Junior Certificate Distinction Award winners at Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James and HoY 10 Mr L Shaw - View Full Size Image
Junior Certificate Distinction Award winners at Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James and HoY 10 Mr L Shaw
Y8-10 Diligence Award winners at Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James - View Full Size Image
Y8-10 Diligence Award winners at Junior Prizegiving with College Principal Mr M James
Y10 Subject Award winners along with Shakespeare Prize and Magazine Prize winners with College Principal Mr M James - View Full Size Image
Y10 Subject Award winners along with Shakespeare Prize and Magazine Prize winners with College Principal Mr M James

The annual Junior Prizegiving was held at Loreto College Coleraine on Tuesday 21st June, rewarding and celebrating the academic, extra-curricular, personal and inter-personal achievements of the College’s Junior students.  In particular, awards were presented to Year 10 students for their achievements and contribution to the life of the College as they prepare to begin their GCSE studies from next September.

Welcoming staff and Junior students to the Prizegiving, College Principal Mr Michael James said:

‘You are all very welcome to our Junior Prize-giving at the end of another very busy and productive year for the College, although another tinged with sadness. As we prepared for the start of this past academic year we were shocked with the news of the untimely death of Michaela Harkin, who was set to return and start her GCSEs with us. Her tragic death came shortly after the deaths of our other pupils Anna Mc Allister and Niamh McCloskey as well as that of teacher Mr Rice and once again, as a school community, we had to come to terms with the distress and hurt caused by this death. As ever I was very heartened by your response and the genuine sense of community that developed. Although we cannot fully understand the loss of these members of our school community, we recognise that we were enriched in some way by their presence and we continue to keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

‘However, there has also been much to celebrate this year. Our academic achievements saw us top the GCSE league tables.  Various individuals and teams enjoyed sporting successes and who can forget the wonderful musical and dramatic performances from the Sound of Music and the Spring Concert. We realise that each Loreto student brings a unique presence that adds so much to the life of the school and today we celebrate the talents and abilities of each and every one of our pupils. We hope that in the future they will be able to use these talents to help society and build a better future for everyone.

‘Loreto education emphasises the importance of relationships and is value driven. These values are at the core of everything we do here in school and, as ever, we are delighted that the Loreto Sisters still retain such a vibrant presence in Coleraine. They retain close contact with us here in school and remain our inspiration both spiritually and educationally. We are very proud of the Loreto Heritage they have created and we try to emulate the ideals of Mary Ward in all we do.

‘Once again, as the year draws to a close we face further challenges. A much reduced budget means that our curriculum faces restrictions and limits our ability to deliver the optimum range of subjects for our students.  The acceptance of the area-based planning development proposal means that in September 2017 Loreto will begin to expand, St Joseph’s will begin a phased closure and Dominican College will begin to move away from academic selection. As always, in Loreto we are willing and ready to adapt to these changes and to find ways that will allow us to continue as the leading school in the area.

‘Having already made the move away from academic selection the change facing Loreto is a phased expansion of its numbers - a very positive endorsement of our school and the quality of education it provides. It also matches our Trustees’ vision and builds on our move away from academic selection. The increased enrolment of the college will allowing us to provide a broader curriculum offer, designed to meet the needs of all students, focussing on educating the individual and allowing each person to achieve excellence according to their own standards. We continue to develop true Loreto students, who share in our traditional values and ethos and as we move forward, I have every confidence that we can rise to the challenges, seize the opportunities and continue to offer a wide variety of opportunities and a first class education to all the pupils who come to us and we will continue to do so within the ethos and value system that has inspired countless generations of Loreto students.

‘Of course the academic achievement of our students still has great significance and so we take time today to celebrate the achievements of students who have excelled in some way in this current academic year. It is very important that we as staff and pupils have this opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of our school. I congratulate all our students for their industry and hard work throughout the year and in particular their preparation for the recent summer examinations. 

‘However, school life is about much more than academic achievements, important as they are. It is about educating the person as a whole and that is why I am delighted, once again, with your participation in the wider school life.  Participating in extracurricular activities brings a wealth of opportunities and develops friendships and skills that will last long after you have left school.  This year, again, has been hugely successful in a range of areas and I congratulate all those who have participated throughout out the year as well as thanking the teachers who have given so freely of their time to help organise and run the various activities.

‘Gaelic games have once again brought great success to the school with teams competing at all level in camogie, hurling and football. The junior hurlers won the Brother Mallon Cup for a third year in a row and congratulations must go to Mr Boyle and his team on such a fantastic achievement. Soccer teams competed at all levels in the Coleraine and District Leagues, whilst the Netball teams did likewise. The Y8 girls won the Coleraine and District Minor Netball title and the Y10 girls were runners up in their Netball league. As a result several players were selected to play on the North Coast Regional Development squads and went on to represent Loreto at Regional level. 

‘In cross-country both the Intermediate Girls’ team and Tolu Jide Ojo (Year 9) qualified to represent Loreto at Ulster level with the Year 8 Boys finishing in a credible fourth place. A group of junior boys made history by becoming the College’s first competitive cricket team and aquitted themselves well in their opening matches. In individual sports, Aron Lestas took a silver and bronze medal at the Northern Ireland Karate Championships. In swimming Shannon Baird, took first place in Freestyle and third place in the Individual Medley, while fellow Year 8 student Alana Burns was third in Breaststroke, with Eoin Mullan, Year 9, taking first place in Butterfly. Rower, Connor McGillan (Year 9),  was the winner of the Single Sculls at the Athlone Regatta having previously won at the Belfast Sprints. Tara Laverty of Year 8, won the Junior Medal at Galgorm Golf Club and is in the Ulster Golf development squad.

‘Away from sport Aron Lestas (Year 9) took first place in the annual poetry competition. Lisa Marie Benson and Euan Simpson (both Year 8) were runners up, with Savannah Corbett (Year 10) and Katie Mulholland (Year 8) in third place. Our Irish department was thrilled when a Year 10 team took part in the Gael Linn Quiz, finishing in an outstanding second place in the Ulster Final.

‘Our production of ‘The Sound of Music’ was certainly a highlight of the Autumn Term, with a week of sell-out performances and rave reviews all round. Well done and thank you to Mrs McEwan and Mr Gillespie for their inspirational guidance. The Junior Choir, conducted by Mrs Sharkey won first prize at the prestigious Bangor International Festival for the second year in a row. A fantastic achievement for all concerned. A host of students obtained distinctions in their Trinity piano and singing exams and Jack Dihmis (Year 8)  won the Roslynn McCourtney Challenge Cup  for Piano at the Portstewart Festival.

‘On your behalf I would like to thank the teachers and other staff members who give so freely of their time to support you in all these various activities and sports. It is only through their selfless dedication and commitment that it is possible for these to happen at all. As the school year comes to an end I would encourage all of you to get involved next year in some of the many extra curricular activities that the school provides every day of every week.  You will have opportunities to make new friends, travel to different places, learn to be a team member and grow in confidence and self-belief.

‘In the future, however, the true test of your education will not be your examination certificates or what you have won and achieved. What will be much more important is how you have matured and developed as a person and how you use your talents and abilities to help others.  One of the ways in which we all contribute to this in school is our support for the school’s designated charities and by contributing to these charities we are, in a small way, supporting those less fortunate than ourselves.  This year, a hugely impressive total of 272 shoeboxes were collected by Loreto students, to be sent to those in most need at Christmas. Likewise our students responded magnificently to the Refugee Crisis Appeal, with donations being gathered by students in our Justice League. We have also continued to raise money for many different charities, including Trocaire, MS, SVP and The Children’s Cancer Fund, as well as our own Loreto missions. I would like to thank and congratulate you all for your commitment to those less fortunate and in need of our help and in particular I would like to commend Mrs McCool for her hard work and commitment coordinating all these efforts.

‘On your behalf, I want to say a special thank you to our teachers for their continued professionalism and commitment. I feel proud and honoured to have them as colleagues in our school and I am convinced that there is no finer staff in any school. I am confident that they provide a level of service that is truly outstanding and I commend them to you and thank them on your behalf.

‘At this time of year we also take time to thank those staff members who will not be returning next year as they move on to pastures new and to different challenges. This year in particular we say a fond farewell to Mrs O’Kane and Mrs Nugent. Both of these teachers have served pupils in our school for over 25 years and their warmth, their generosity and their commitment to their students has been a hallmark of their time here in Coleraine. They will be truly missed and although no-one is irreplaceable it will be hard to replicate the care and the enthusiastic teaching they have shown throughout their time in Loreto. We will miss them both and wish them both well in their retirement.

‘My thanks to all our support staff for the wonderful job they do on your behalf. They play a vitally important role in maintaining the quality of services, buildings and grounds.   My thanks also to our Governors, who are required to make many important and difficult decisions on your behalf. They give so generously of their time and expertise and always have the best interests of the College and its students at heart.

‘Thanks also to our visiting Priests and the Religious Education Department for the time and effort they put into organising our liturgies and retreats throughout the year. Their pastoral support during recent times of crises has been wonderful and is greatly appreciated. In times of need they have provided a focus for us all to come together and share in prayer and reflection and their presence is central to our Catholic ethos.

‘My thanks, as always, to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield. Their prayers and support this year and every year are a valuable source of strength and we look forward to their continued presence in the school in the future.

‘Finally, my thanks to you all here today. Loreto College is your school and you, our pupils, are what make it so special. You are all important members of our school community and, although it may not always seem like it, we greatly appreciate your own unique talents and qualities. I thank you for your cooperation throughout the year and the courteous and pleasant manner you invariably display. I am extremely proud to be Principal of this school and I hope that you are equally proud to be its pupils. Thank you.’

The prizes were presented as follows, by members of the College’s Senior Staff, Year Heads and Heads of Department:

Lisa Marie Benson
Patrick Black
Alana Burns
Tori Colson-Rice
Jack Dihmis
David Farren
Orla Lafferty
Ciara McAlary
Anna McGinley
Brona McGonigle
Grace McIntyre
Conor McNicholl
Katie Mulholland
Jude Mullan
Niall Owens
Darcy Peacock
Orla Quinn

Matthew Boyle-McAree
Meabh Bryson
Cheyanne Corbett
Tolulope Jide-Ojo
Caite McAtamney
Maddie McCormack
Michael McConnell
Orla McEwan
Matthew McGowan
Charlie McKnight
Erin McNicholl
Rhiannon McNicholl
Kelan O’Kane
Fiyinfoluwa Owolabi
Grainne Purcell
Teresa Sobocinska
Roksana Strugala
Anna Toner

This certificate is awarded to all Year 10 pupils in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.


Caitlin Bond
Kasey Buck
Oliver Burns
Travis Corbett
Katherine Donnelly
Josh Ferguson
Ola Krystowska
Lucy O’Kane
Philippa Pitt
Emma Turner

Naoise Coll
Sean McAllister
Jack McCormack
Cliona McIntyre
Emma McLaughlin
Connor Mullan
Eoin Mullan
Bronagh O’Kane
Joshua Stockman
Evan Wright

Gabby Boorman
Shannon Dickey
Kate Doherty
Eoin Kelly
Roma Kelly
Sarah McAllister
Ellie McBroom
Joseph McIntyre
Anna O’Kane

8A Kady Fleming
8B Cahir McNicholl
8C Catherine Mullan
8D Finn Mooney
8E Darcy Peacock

9A Nikola Felinska
9B Finn Lundy
9C Conor McAleese
9D Chloe Starrett
9E Tepenga McMullan

10A Clare Kelly
10B Chloe Mullan
10C Daria Brzucholska
10D Nadia Brzozowska
10E Tiarnan Boylan

8A Niall Owens
8B Joel Ferguson
8C Anna O’Kane
8D Ellie Bancroft
8E Isobel Healey

9A Aron Lestas
9B Niall Moloney
9C Stephen McAllister
9D Charlie McKnight
9E Jason Conway

10A Megan McGilligan
10B Maria Roantree
10C Matthew Howard
10D Katie Lafferty
10E Bronagh McCann

8A Catriona Cassidy
8B Megan Doherty
8C Daniel Sharpe
8D Carla Smith
8E Kacper Budyn

9A Maddie McCormack
9B Hannah Taylor
9C Joseph Hamill
9D Cathal Christopher
9E Sophia Rose O’Kane

10A Katya Watson
10B Aidan McFerran
10C James Mullan
10D Katie McKeague
10E Megan McDermott

8A Nadia Pritchard
8B Emma Turner
8C Erin Ferguson
8D Neeve Campbell
8E Sophia Noar

9A Hannah McLaughlin
9B Jack McGill
9C Emmet Morrison
9D Liam Roddy
9E Nicholas Moore

10A Conor Kearney
10B Aine Quigley
10C Eoin Doherty
10D Luke McNicholl
10E Daniel Burns

8A Adam Lawlor
8B Eimear Maguire
8C Kara Kealey
8D Brona McGonigle
8E Jessica McGilligan

9A Emma McLaughlin
9B Harry Casson
9C Katie Heaney
9D Naomh McAlister
9E Emma Hickinson

10A Cara McTaggart
10B Kate McIvor
10C Dearbhla McCrossan
10D Sarah Lundy
10E Dara Mooney

8A Eimear McGill
8B Zoe Taylor
8C Peadar Connor
8D Bronagh McLaughlin
8E Maria Carr

9A Hirek Cichy
9B Maria McMorrough
9C Cliona McIntyre
9D Loren Carberry
9E Niamh Mooney

10A Caitlin McKay
10B Grace McNeill
10C Liffey Kelly
10D Theo Wall
10E Aoife McColgan


Ellie Bancroft
Caitlin Bond
James Brown
Orla Cunningham
Hale Gunes
Adam Lawlor
Jamie Leckey
Jessica McGilligan
Eunan McGonigle
Katie Mulholland
Katie O’Kane
John Quinn
Connor Radford
Daniel Sharpe
Lauren Thom

Caitlin Campbell
Cheyanne Corbett
Joel Jenkins
Orla McEwan
Daniel McGarry
Connor McGillan
Erin McNicholl
Rhiannon McNicholl
Nicholas Moore
Kaitlyn Neely
Fiyinfoluwa Owolabi
Grainne Purcell
Oskar Silakowski

Ciara Boyle
Allan Chan
Darach Clyde
Savannah Corbett
Ruairaidh Kelly
Maeve Kerr
Ellen Mulholland
Dearbhla Ni Choisneachain
Aine Quigley

Top Readers In Year 8 (Based On Books Borrowed From The Library)
Shannon Baird 8A
Alana Burns 8C
David Farren 8E
Hannah Francis 8A
Mairead Frizzell 8A
Jessie McGilligan 8E
Catherine Mullan 8C
Orla Quinn 8C

Best Contribution To The School Magazine
Conor McNicholl 8B
Year 8 ICT
Conor Radford 8C
Year 9 ICT
Charlie McKnight 9D
Top Year 8 Geography Investigations
David Farren 8E
Anna McGinley 8E
Top Year 9 Geography Investigations
Matthew Boyle-McAree 9B
Rhiannon McNicholl 9A
Religious Education Awards
Jamie Leckey 8B
Meabh Bryson 9B
Year 8 Drama
Euan Simpson 8A
Anna McGinley 8E
Year 9 Drama
Harry Casson 9B
Orla McEwan 9A

Cara McTaggart 10A
Cara McTaggart 10A
Home Economics
Cara McTaggart 10A
Le Prix Francais
Cara McTaggart 10A
Shakespeare Prize For Best Essay On Shakespeare In Year 10
Luke McNicholl 10D
Erin Donaghy 10B
Gael Og Na Bliana
Erin Donaghy 10B
El Premio De Espanol
Erin Donaghy 10B
Dennis Bondarenko 10D
Dennis Bondarenko 10D
Young Artist And Designer
Dennis Bondarenko 10D
Patrick McMullan 10A
Erin McReynolds 10E
Lucia Watson 10E
Allan Chan 10D
Kate McIvor 10B
Religious Education
Ellen Mulholland 10D

Generosity And Commitment
Sarah McAllister 10A
Lauren Quinn 10A
Nicholas Moore 9E
Contribution To The Sporting Life Of The College At KS3
Kate Doherty 10A
Participation In School Life
Joshua Mullan 10D
Sunshine Award
Claire White 10A
The Mrs Kate Mcsherry Memorial Trophy For Contribution To The Loreto Ethos In The Junior School
Erin McReynolds 10E
Aine Quigley 10B