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Y14 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James and guest speaker Dr Gary Doherty - View Full Size Image
Y14 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James and guest speaker Dr Gary Doherty
A Level Subject Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James and guest speaker Dr Gary Doherty - View Full Size Image
A Level Subject Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James and guest speaker Dr Gary Doherty
Y11 Academic Award winners, with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y11 Academic Award winners, with College Principal Mr M. James
Y12 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y12 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James
Y13 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y13 Academic Award winners at Senior Prizegiving, with College Principal Mr M. James

The annual Senior Prizegiving took place at Loreto College Coleraine on the evening of Wednesday 16th September 2015.  With capacity crowds in the College Hall, the Prizegiving rewarded the academic, curricular, extra-curricular, personal and inter-personal achievements of the College’s Senior students in the 2014-15 academic year, and was an opportunity to welcome back the Year 14 class who had finished their studies at the College in Summer 2015.

The guest speaker at Loreto’s Prizegiving was Dr Gary Doherty.  Gary Doherty studied at Loreto from 1992 to 1999, in the footsteps of his two elder brothers.  He went on to read Medical Sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge University, where he was a junior, senior and research scholar, and graduated with double first class honours.  He was then elected to the Henry Fellowship at Harvard University, before returning to Cambridge to complete his Medical studies.  He received his PhD from the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, during which he discovered a new pathway by which cells take up material from their surroundings, and which allows cells to move.  After general medical training in Belfast and in Cambridge, he chose Oncology as his clinical specialty.  He is currently a Clinical Lecturer at Cambridge University, and continues to split his time between clinical work, teaching and research.  He is a Fellow of Robinson College, Cambridge, where he is Director of Studies in Medicine.  His research currently focuses on the roles of certain genetic mutations that drive lung cancer.  In what free time he can muster, he enjoys modern art, travel and gastronomy.  Dr Doherty spoke very inspiringly about his own time at Loreto College, noting how reassuringly little had changed since his own fondly-remembered school days.  Speaking about the importance of failure, resilience, perseverance and determination on the path to success, Dr Doherty urged the students present to make courageous choices in planning the paths to take in their future studies and careers.  He encouraged the students to aim high, assuring them that the objectively excellent results at Loreto College meant that Loreto’s finest students, and the education they had received, could be favourably compared to the experience to be had at any of the most prestigious schools in the UK, Ireland and beyond.  Inspiring Loreto’s students to aspire, imagine and excel, Dr Doherty was enthusiastic in recalling the breadth and depth of education he had received at Loreto, which had empowered him to further his studies at Cambridge and Harvard.  A lifelong learner and researcher himself, Dr Doherty encouraged those present to view learning and achieving as a continuing rather than a completed endeavour, wishing the students every success and happiness in their studies and congratulating them on their superb achievements to date.

Welcoming Prizewinners, parents, staff, members of the College’s Board of Governors and members of the Loreto Community to the Prizegiving, Loreto College Principal Mr Michael James said:

“You are all very welcome to our Senior Prize-giving as we take time to reflect on the past academic year. A year that, in many ways, has been a very challenging year for the College. As a school community we have not only had to deal with the normal academic challenges; we have also, on too many occasions throughout the year, had to deal with the death of pupils, staff members, parents of staff members and parents of pupils – all cherished members of our extended Loreto family. And just at the start of this academic year we were further stunned by the death of Michaela Harkin, a Y11 pupil. This week, again, we have attended the funerals for parents of pupils and our thoughts and prayers remain with these families at this sad time. We continue to remember and pray for our pupils; Michaela Harkin, Anna McAllister, Niamh McCloskey and our teaching colleague, Mr Clarke Rice and we pray for all of our extended family who have been touched by bereavement in any way.

“There is no doubt that each of these bereavements had a profound effect and presented a genuine challenge for us all and as we continue to strive to come to terms with the distress and hurt caused by these deaths, I have been humbled and heartened by the response of our staff and students on each occasion. There has been a genuine sense of community and sharing, which has helped the friends and families of those who have been bereaved. From the depth of despair and adversity we have witnessed our true Loreto values and ethos. And although we have experienced so many deaths in this past year they have not characterised our year. Instead it has been the truly wonderful response from staff, from pupils and from parents that has defined our year. We have been drawn together in adversity and we have supported each other with compassion and understanding. The path ahead is not easy and is still full of challenges, but we will walk it together and we will continue to look out for and comfort each other.

“However in the midst of all our sadness and sorrow there has also been much to celebrate this year. In February, following a rigorous inspection, we were all affirmed by the education and training inspectorates findings. They were hugely impressed with the overall quality of education in the school and gave particular recognition to our outstanding pastoral care provision as well as the leadership and management. We can all be very proud of the outcome of this inspection and we should take time to celebrate the inspectors’ report which recognises the undoubted strengths of the school and confirms our position as a leading school in the area. As ever, the challenge for us now is to maintain and build on these very high standards although we do so in a background of educational flux and budgetary constraints.

“As we begin this new academic year there are yet more changes looming for our school. The area-based planning development proposal, currently awaiting a decision by the Education Minister, identifies the changes for Catholic education in the wider Coleraine area and comes very shortly after the changes made in the controlled sector. Acceptance of this proposal would mean that from September 2016 Loreto and Dominican Colleges will expand, with a phased closure of St Joseph’s College and Dominican College moving away from academic selection. This will obviously mean changes for all three schools and any change is always challenging. However, it does also provide new opportunities and here in Loreto we are always willing and ready to adapt to changes and to find ways that will allow us to harness the opportunities and maintain our position as the leading school in the area. We are confident that, with the help of our parents and pupils, we will ensure that Loreto College Coleraine remains a beacon for education for many more years to come.

“Having already made the move away from academic selection the change facing Loreto is an expansion of its numbers, to allow more pupils to access a Loreto education. This is a very positive endorsement of the school and the quality of education it provides. It is also the outworking of our move away from academic selection, with the increased enrolment of the college allowing us to provide a broader curriculum offer, designed to meet the needs of all students, focussing on educating the individual and allowing each person to achieve excellence according to their own standards.

“Loreto education emphasises the importance of the quality of relationships within and beyond the school and we have seen this during the challenges of the previous year. Loreto education is value driven and these values are at the core of everything we do. As we celebrated the 85th anniversary of Loreto College in Coleraine and began our fund raising efforts to renovate the Convent House, these Loreto values were brought in to sharp focus by the warmth and depth of the response from past pupils and friends. The Ball in March and the Coffee Morning in May were wonderful occasions and really highlighted the affection that exists for our Loreto Sisters and the school they created.  As we move forward next year these fund raising activities will be key to our future success. We are very proud of the history and heritage that the Convent provides, but we also have a strong belief that our Loreto identity is not something static that is locked in the past or in bricks and mortar. It is a dynamic reality that requires us to respond creatively to the changing needs of our time. We are delighted that our Loreto Sisters remain such a vibrant presence in Coleraine and that they retain close contact with us here in our school. As ever, they remain our inspiration both spiritually and educationally.

“Change can be unsettling and in the midst of the proposed changes it is important for us to concentrate on our pupils and on the teaching and learning that goes on in the classroom, the focus for all that we do here in school. The proposed changes will evolve and develop in a structured and a planned way and continue to build on current good practice, allowing us to retain the very high standards in everything we do. We will continue to have the same high expectations for academic performances; for uniform, for behaviour, for manners and for respect. Our characteristic ethos remains part of our rich Loreto tradition and we are pleased that the proposals seek to preserve this ethos by developing Loreto College as the single Catholic post-primary school in Coleraine.

“However, we would be complacent and foolish to take anything for granted and so we have been planning and preparing for these changes over the last number of years. Our move away from academic selection was part of this preparation and having now completed two years of intake without academic selection we remain confident in our ability to navigate the changes ahead. As I consider our current groups of students and as we gather this evening to celebrate this past year’s successes, I know we continue to develop true Loreto students, students who share in our traditional values and who strive for spirituality and excellence in everything they do. Students who are ready and willing to go out in to the world and to make a difference in their chosen field. As we move forward, I have every confidence that we can rise to the challenges, seize the opportunities and continue to offer a wide variety of pathways and a first class education to all the pupils who come to us and we will continue to do so within the ethos and value system that has inspired countless generations of previous Loreto students.

“Of course the academic achievement of our students will still have great significance and that is why we take time today to celebrate the achievements of students who have excelled in some way in this current academic year. It is very important that we as staff, pupils and parents have this opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of our school. By working to the best of our ability and doing the simple things well, we can all achieve great things. I congratulate all our successful students for their industry and hard work throughout the year and in particular in the external examinations.

“Our students have continued to perform extremely well in these recent public examinations - the number of students receiving prizes tonight bears testimony to this. 74.3% of students achieved the key criteria of 3+A levels at grades A-C, with 100% of all students achieving two or more grades A* -E and 97% of all students achieving three or more grades A*-E. 41.5% of all grades achieved were A or A* and 74% (that’s almost three quarters) of all grades achieved were grade B or better. Amongst our top performers, 16 students attained the remarkable standard of 3 A grades or better, with Caolan O’Neill and Annie Mc Bride  both achieving the fantastic feat of 3A* grades at A Level.

“The results of our GCSE students remains extremely high with 100% of all students achieving five or more grades A* -C and 98.3% of all students achieving seven or more grades A*-C including English and Mathematics. Indeed 77.3% achieved seven or more grades A* - B including English and Mathematics, which is again over three quarters of students). Our students continued to perform exceptionally well in the top grades achieved this year, with 53.8% of all grades achieved being A or A* and 82.6% of all grades achieved being grade B or better. 47% of our GCSE students gained 6 A grades or better, making these results amongst the best ever achieved by the school. On an individual level Aidan O’Boyle and Emily Moore both gained 10A*s – a truly wonderful achievement.

“In external examinations Rosanna McAleese was second in Northern Ireland in A Level Economics. Therese Mullaghan achieved 1st in Northern Ireland Drama with Dylan Johnston placed 3rd in Additional Mathematics. Congratulations to these students and to their teachers for such wonderful performances.

“However, school life is about much more than academic achievements, important as they are. It is about equipping young people with the skills, attributes and personal experiences to grow into confident and fully-rounded individuals.  As ever I am delighted with the participation of our pupils in school life.  Participation in extracurricular activities brings a great richness and diversity to the school, not to mention the numerous successes.  This year, again, has been hugely successful in a range of areas whether it is the wonderful musical, singing and acting talents on display throughout the year or the heroic efforts of our many sports men and women.

“We have again had great success in Gaelic games, with the junior hurlers retaining the Brother Mallon Cup and the Y9 Gaelic Football Team winning the Irish News Cup for the first time. The Y12 Gaelic footballers narrowly missed out on winning a first senior Ulster title, when they agonisingly lost by a single point to St Michael’s Lurgan in the final of the Rafferty Cup. Our Camogs competed valiantly at all levels having moved up a grade in the previous year. The Y8, Y9 and Y10 soccer teams all won their respective Coleraine and District Leagues, whilst the Senior teams all finished runners up in their competitions – a fantastic achievement for all concerned. The Y8 girls won the Coleraine and District Minor Netball title, whilst the Y9 girls won the Nebbsa netball tournament. Following these successes six pupils from Y8 & Y9 were selected for the regional netball squad. In cross-country Niamh Carr completed a memorable year by gaining a place on the Irish team, following strong performances which saw her finish 6th at All-Ireland level, 3rd at Ulster level and 1st at District level. Our intermediate girls team also performed well, reaching the all-Ireland finals, having finished 3rd in Ulster. Tolu Jide Ojo won the annual Y8 Mary McCabe cross-country race and Danny McGarry won the Y8 boys race. Both went on to perform well at district level.

“In individual sports, Isaac Beresford became Northern Ireland Champion in Chujo Karate, whilst Emma Mullan and Aidan O’Boyle both competed for Northern Ireland, with Aidan gaining a UK title. This October Emma will become the youngest ever competitor at the world championships and we wish her well in this. Anna Mc Dowell made the Northern Irish team in Cheerleading and in swimming; Finn Mc Ewan became the Ulster Grammar School Breaststroke Champion and won a bronze medal in the overall Ulster championships.

“Away from sport a group of Y10 students won the Innovation Prize in a competition to design a Mobile App. Aaron Lestas and Eve Gardiner were runners up in the annual Mary Ward Public Speaking Competition and Eve’s sister Rhianna took first place in the regional heat of the Soroptimist International Youth Public speaking Competition. Aaron also won a prize in the Northern Ireland Anti-bullying Art competition, whilst Oliwia Widuto took second prize in the prestigious Texaco all-Ireland art competition. The Presidents/Duke of Edinburgh Award is well established with over twenty students regularly completing their silver awards in school and many going on to complete Gold with independent providers.

“In music, twenty six students received distinctions in their Trinity piano, singing or theory exams. The Senior and Junior Choirs performed extremely well throughout the year, with the Junior Choir winning first prize at the Bangor international Festival. Conall Ennis, an AS music student and previous winner of Loreto’s got Talent, came second in the ‘School’s Hidden Talent Competition’ and our Siansa traditonal group “Tigh Tara” won through from Ulster and competed at all-Ireland level, as well as performing to tremendous acclaim at the Loreto Ball. Along with our traditional musicians and dancers, individual musicians, singers, the Junior and Senior Choirs and the School Orchestra they also entertained large crowds at the annual Spring Concert. Our Christmas Carol service was held in St John’s Church for the first time and provided a fitting beginning to our Christmas celebrations.

“Y11 student, Pearse Donaghy, gained a part in the Youth Music Theatre UK’s production of Gulliver’s Travels in the Lyric Theatre over the summer. Pearse can soon be seen treading the boards here in Loreto as Friedrich in our very own production of The Sound of Music – and with rehearsals on-going I can certainly say that if not the hills, then definitely our assembly hall is alive with the Sound of Music. It is now 50 years since the film first graced our screens and currently enjoying a revival, the music and songs remain as popular as ever. We are all really looking forward to another excellent production and as Mr Gallagher mentioned tickets are on sale from next week. We would advise early booking not to miss out and hope that you will all be able to join us in October. It promises to be a great occasion.

“In any year there are so many activities and I have been only able to mention some of them this evening. However, I would like to thank all the teachers and staff members who give so freely of their time to support all these various activities and sports. It is only through their selfless dedication and commitment that it is possible for these to happen at all. I am so grateful that our staff continue to go that extra mile to provide these extra-curricular opportunities, which mean so much to our pupils.

“Our Loreto education is not simply measured by the examination certificates gained or what matches have been won or lost. What is much more important is how our pupils mature and develop and how they use their talents and abilities to help others.  “One of the ways in which we can all contribute to this in school is our support for the school’s designated charities and by contributing to these charities we are, in a small way, supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. Working together for others creates a genuine sense of community and this year we have again raised record amounts of money for many different charities, including Trocaire, Lepra, the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal and The Children’s Cancer Fund, as well as our own Loreto missions. I would like to thank and congratulate all our students and staff for their commitment to those less fortunate and in need of our help. I am humbled each year by the generosity of our students and the dedication of our staff, but in particular I would like to thank Mrs McCool, who coordinates all our charity events.

“Once again, on your behalf, I want to thank all of our staff for their continued professionalism and commitment. But more than that I want to truly thank them for their basic humanity and their care for each other and for our pupils. They are an incredibly compassionate and considerate group of people and I am convinced that there is no finer body of teachers in any school. I feel extremely proud and honoured to have them as colleagues and as friends. I am confident that they provide a truly outstanding level of service and I commend them to you and thank them on your behalf.

“Thanks also to our visiting Priests and the Religious Education Department for the time and effort they put into organising our liturgies and retreats throughout the year. These are all central to our Catholic ethos and in times of need they have provided a focus for us all to come together and share in prayer and reflection. In particular I would like to thank Fr Mc Cullough and Mr Conroy. Time and again they have found the words to express the feelings of our whole community and we are indebted to them for their ability to find the right words in the most difficult of circumstances and usually at short notice.

“We also take time to thank those staff members who have moved on to pastures new and to different challenges. Bean Ui Mhianain has been Head of Irish for almost fifteen years and is now moving on to help set up the Irish Medium school in Dungiven. She has been a vibrant and enthusiastic teacher throughout her time in Loreto and although we will miss her, we wish her well in her endeavours. Mr Otterson retired from the school at the end of December. ASenior Technician in the school he also helped out with lighting, sound and all sorts of technical equipment as well as a performing a myriad of other tasks around the school. We will again miss his expertise, but we will miss his good humour, his willing attitude and his basic humanity even more. We wish him well in his retirement.

“As ever, all our support staff play a vitally important role in maintaining the quality of services, buildings and grounds.  My thanks to all our support staff for the wonderful job they do. In particular, thanks to Mrs McDonnell, the Librarian; Mrs West our Senior Study Supervisor, Mr Lynn, the Bursar and Mrs McGuckian, the Bursar’s assistant; Mrs Dougan, my own secretary; Miss Stewart, Office Manager; Mrs Young on behalf of all the technicians; Mrs Johnston on behalf of all the Classroom Assistants; Mr Weir our Caretaker; Mr Turner, Groundsman and Miss McCann, Head Cook on behalf of all the canteen staff.

“My thanks also to our Governors, who more and more give so generously of their time and expertise on your behalf.  They are often required to make onerous decisions in the best interests of the College and its students. As we face the challenges presented by the development proposal, their expertise will be needed more than ever.

“My thanks, as always, to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield. Their prayers and support this year have been a valuable source of strength and comfort. We look forward to their continued presence in the school in the future.

“Finally, my thanks to you, the parents and pupils, for your cooperation and support throughout the year. Our school is a truly special place and I have no doubt that it is our students who make it so wonderful. Young people sometimes get a bad press and are blamed for the difficulties in our society, but my experience could not be further from this.  Every day I am impressed with the courtesy and pleasant manner of our students. I am proud to be their Principal and know they are all important members of our school, with their own special talents and qualities. They are the future of our society and as I look out at this group gathered here tonight, I know that the future is in good hands. Thank you all for making our school so special.”

The Prizes were distributed as follows, presented by guest speaker Dr Gary Doherty, Chairperson of the Loreto Board of Governors Dr Mary Mullan, and members of the College’s Senior Leadership Team and various Heads of Year and Heads of Department:

Year 14 Academic Awards
Carla Armstrong
Mairead Carey
Cliodhna Devlin
Eimear Dillon
Ciara Dinsmore
Roisin Dooley-Nealis
Ronan Eaton
Louise Hickey
Jordan Kelly
Nicola McAllister
Annie McBride
Matthew McGee
Sarah-Jayme McGill
Rebecca Jayne McKillen
Maria McLaughlin
Hannah McMullan
Joseph McNerlin
Catherine McNicholl
Meadhbh McReynolds
Geraldine Mellon
Ellen Moloney
Brega Mullan
Shaciara O’Kane
Caolan O’Neill
Conor O’Neill
Simon Purvis
Caitlin Richardson

Year 13 Academic Awards
Oran Barton
Antonia Boorman
Connor Boyle
Elaine Boyle
Cara Doherty
Shannon Donaghy
Megan Downey
Ryan Florida-James
Siofra Gillan
James Gillen
Niall Hunter
Dylan Johnston
Ryan Kane
Saachi Khullar
Carla McErlean
Eimear McKeown
Mark McKillen
Shay McLaughlin
Christine McNally
Lauren McNicholl
Sean Mullan
Jessica O’Brien
Jack O’Doherty
Olaoluwatofunmi Owolabi
Orla Rafferty
Peter Rogan
Chloe Stewart
Ellen Tracey
Daniel White
Rachel Wilkinson

Year 12 Academic Awards
Naomi Anderson
Connie Baxter-Mulvenna
Aoife Boorman
Aidan Boyle
Kate Bradley
Oran Bradley
Emmett Brolly
Kate Bucukoglu
Emily Cameron
Eoin Canning
Niamh Carlin
Aoife Carr
Mark Cassidy
Caitlin Cosgrove
Conor Craig
Emma Crossley
Daniel Dallat
Michael Dallat
Fergal Dillon
Shauna Doherty
Aoife Keane
Darcey Kelly
Michael Lagan
Mollie Maguire
Emma Martin
Maggie McBride
Cormac McCarry
Una McCloskey
Niamh McElhinney
Caitlin McFall
Clodagh McGahon
Anna McGuigan
Reece McKeever
Cain McKendry
Tara McLarnon
Kate McLaughlin
Katherine McMullan
Bronagh McNicholl
Odhran McNicholl
Emily Moore
Niamh Morrison
Aoife Mullan
Daire Mullan
Aidan O’Boyle
Cariosa O’Harte
Daniel O’Kane
Lauren O’Kane
John-Joe O’Neill
Sarah Purvis
Sean Quinn
Aideen Reid
Eliza Richardson
John Smyth
Kathryn Taggart
Jane Telford
Orlaigh Toner
Oliwia Widuto

Year 11 Academic Awards
Casey Black
Niamh Boorman
Cahir Boyle
Dominic Bradley
Molly Brennan
Oisin Brennan
Maeve Burns
Fearghal Close
Matthew Connolly
Sarah Dillon
Niamh Doherty
Sean Doherty
Kristian Hoy
Callum Johnston
Aoife Kelly
Caoimhe Kelly
Nicole Kelly
Shauna Kelly
Finn Lestas
Hannah Magee
Oonagh McAlister
Roisin McMorrough
James McReynolds
Sarah Moore
Anna Morrison
Emma Mullan
Mary Mullan
Shakeera Nazeer
Oisin O’Harte
Shannon O’Kane
Elizabeth White
Ciara Wilkinson

Year 11 Diligence
11A Aimee Quigg
11B Roslyn Sinclair
11C Daniel Walton
11D Shannon O’Kane
11E Blanaid Kealey

Year 11 Co-operation & Leadership
11A Rebecca Dillon
11B Cahir Hasson
11C Oonagh McAlister
11D Mary Mullan
11E Sarah Dillon

Year 12 Diligence
12A Lauren O’Kane
12B Sean McGill
12C Reece McKeever
12D Anna McGuigan
12E Francesca Watson

Year 12 Co-operation and Leadership
12A Cariosa O’Harte
12B Dominika Dutkiewicz
12C Clodagh McGahon
12D Aideen Reid
12E Aidan Boyle

Other Awards
1 - The Patricia McDermott Memorial Trophy for achievement in GCSE English:
Aoife Keane 
2 - The Macaulay, O’Neill & Martin Perpetual Cup for achievement in GCSE Mathematics:
Emily Moore  
3 - The BKS Perpetual Trophy for contribution to A Level Geography:
Carla Armstrong
4 - The Clarke Rice Memorial Cup for Outstanding Achievement in A Level Computing:
Adam Kwong
5 - The AVX Computer Awards for achievement in Computer Project:
A Level - Shleena Nazeer
GCSE - Aoife Keane
6 - The Stanleigh Cup for achievement in Music:
Eimear Dillon
7 - The McGeown Cup for outstanding achievement in A-Level Economics:
Matthew McGee  
8 - The Ryan McCloskey Memorial Cup for most improved student in Economics:
Catherine McNicholl  
9 - The N & N Trophies’ Cup for achievement in A-Level Art and Design:
Nicole Meehan  
10 - The Michael Clarke Memorial Cup for achievement in Drama presented by Yr14 students 2002-2003:
Lucas Levy
11 - The Bank of Ireland Trophy for achievement in A Level Home Economics:
Clodagh Rainey   
12 - The Dankse Bank Award for achievement in A-Level Physics:
Annie McBride 

The following awards are for outstanding achievement in individual subjects:

13 - The Physical Sciences Award:
Annie McBride  
14 - A-Level Chemistry:
Ciara Dinsmore   
15 - A-Level Biology:
Annie McBride
16 - A-Level Government and Politics:
Conor O’Neill   
17 - A-Level History:
Jordan Kelly  
18 - A-Level Religious Education:
Caolan O’Neill   
19 - A-Level Mathematics:
Ciara Dinsmore 
20 - A-Level English Language:
Caolan O’Neill 
21 - A-Level English Literature:
Caolan O’Neill 
22 - A-Level Spanish:
Nicole McNicholl
23 - A-Level French:
Dairine Forsythe
24 - Corn Bhrugha for Irish:
Claire Rafferty
25 - A-Level Design and Technology Project:
Jack Danton
26 - Award for the best article in school magazine:
Aoife Keane 
27 - Public Speaking Award:
Rhianna Gardiner
28 - Sports Captains 2014-2015:
Frank Dillon, Simon Purvis, Catherine McNicholl, Claire Rafferty
29 - Sports Person of the Year, recipient of the Louise McLaughlin Trophy for outstanding contribution to Sporting Life of the College:
Frank Dillon, Catherine McNicholl
30 - The Mother Rose Cup for best Female Athlete in Yr 11:
Riona Pauling 
31 - Award for best Male Athlete in Yr11:
Cahir Boyle
32 - Award for outstanding achievement representing the College in sport at National Level:
Emma Mullan
33 - O’Doherty Cup Player of the Year:
Oisin Quinn

34 - Loreto Challenge Gold:
Mairead Carey
Eimear Dillon
Adam Kwong
Clodagh McBride
Ceara Mellon
Emma Mullan
Payton Mullan
Conor O’Neill
Clodagh Rainey

35 - For Full Attendance in 2014 – 2015 academic year:
Niamh Doherty
Caitlin Ferris
Paulina Gawronska
Grace McAlinden
Oonagh McAlister
Aoife Boorman
Harry Butcher
Darcy Kelly
Cormac McCarry
Niamh McElhinney
Shane McIntyre
Odhran McNicholl
Cariosa O’Harte
Ciaran Parahoo
Shaun Wallace
James Breslin
Michael Coyle
Danielle Dempsey
Connor Doherty
Shannon Donaghy
Ryan Florida-James
James Gillen
Conor McFeely
Eimear McKeown
Sinead McLaughlin
Jack O’Doherty
Conor Pauling
Janosch Railton
Peter Rogan
Daniel Connolly
Eimear Dillon
Lucas Levy
Rory McCormick
Hannah McMullan
Kurt Wilson

Senior Prefects 2014-2015
Carla Armstrong
Victoria Bell
Mairead Carey
Courtney Cox
Eimear Dillon
Ciara Dinsmore
Niamh Doherty
Roisin Dooley-Nealis
Niamh Kearney
Sinead Kerr
Brogan Mailey
Annie McBride
Clodagh McBride
Katie McCullough
Sarah-Jayne McGill
Tiarna McGinty
Shauna McIlfatrick
Hannah McMullan
Maria McQuillan
Catherine McNicholl
Meabhdh McReynolds
Ceara Mellon
Geraldine Mellon
Brega Mullan
Emma Mullan
Payton Mullan
Shaciara O’Kane
Claire Rafferty
Clodagh Rainey
Caitlin Richardson
Thomas Bacon
Niall Browne
Patrick Clarke
Daniel Connolly
Frank Dillon
Ronan Eaton
Lucas Levy
Ronan McCarry
Paul McFerran
Matthew McGee
Conal McGinley
Joseph McNerlin
Caolan O’Neill
Conall Owens
Simon Purvis
Clarke Telford

Special Awards

The Teresa Ball Trophy for Commitment and Spirit:
Ronan Eaton, Ceara Mellon
The Kathleen Toner Memorial Cup:
Hal McGonigle 
The Ciara McLaughlin Memorial Cup:
Chloe Platt
The Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in GCSE:
Aidan O’Boyle, Emily Moore
The Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in A-Level:
Annie McBride, Caolan O’Neill
For outstanding contribution to the Loreto Ethos in GCSE years:
Aoife Kelly 
For outstanding contribution to the Loreto Ethos in A Level years:
Eimear Dillon

Deputy Head Boy - Hal McGonigle
Deputy Head Girl - Maria McLaughlin
Head Boy - Conor O’Neill
Head Girl - Rebecca Jayne McKillen

To conclude the evening, the 2014-15 Head Boy, Conor O’Neill, spoke with passion and conviction of the memories he had formed at Loreto, paying tribute to the College’s teaching staff and to his fellow students for the vast range of academic and social lessons he had learned.  The current Head Boy, Ryan Florida-James, paid tribute to the guest speaker, Dr Gary Doherty, who was presented with a gift by Head Girl, Orla Rafferty.