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Y10 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y10 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James
Y9 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James and Head of Year Mrs K. Brolly - View Full Size Image
Y9 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James and Head of Year Mrs K. Brolly
Y8 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y8 Academic Award winners with College Principal Mr M. James
Adam Taylor and Lauren Monaghan, both Year 10 students, who won Special Awards for Perseverance - View Full Size Image
Adam Taylor and Lauren Monaghan, both Year 10 students, who won Special Awards for Perseverance
The Junior Cross Country team: All Ireland Champions 2014, who received a Special Award at Prizegiving - View Full Size Image
The Junior Cross Country team: All Ireland Champions 2014, who received a Special Award at Prizegiving

The annual Junior Prizegiving was held at Loreto College Coleraine on Friday 20th June, as the academic year drew towards its conclusion. The Prizegiving highlights the academic, personal, extra-curricular and inter-personal successes of the Year 8-10 students of the College and is a celebration and commendation of these achievements and qualities.

Welcoming the Year 8-10 students and their teachers to the Prizegiving, Mr Michael James, Principal of Loreto College, said:

“I am delighted to welcome you all to our Junior Prize-giving at the end of another very busy and eventful year for the College. This year draws to a close with new and exciting challenges ahead. I am sure many of you will have read stories in the press or heard relatives discussing the proposed changes for education in the wider Coleraine area, with the proposed closure of St Joseph’s and Dominican College signalling its intent to move away from academic selection. For you and your parents, no doubt, these proposed changes have raised questions and created a level of anxiety and uncertainty. Certainly, Loreto College is not immune to these changes and will have to make changes of its own to continue as the leading school in the area. Having already made the move away from academic selection the change proposed for Loreto is an expansion of its numbers. This is a very positive endorsement of the school and the quality of education it provides. It is also the outworking of our move away from academic selection with the increased enrolment of the college allowing us to provide a broader curriculum offer, designed to meet the needs of all students, focussing on educating the individual and allowing each person to achieve excellence according to their own standards.

“Loreto education emphasises the importance of the quality of relationships within and beyond the school and. We seek to develop relationships as the foundation of our educational endeavours. These relationships should be responsible, affirming, open, transparent, compassionate, trusting, and able to accept and offer challenge. Loreto education is value driven and as a Loreto school the values of LOVE, JOY, SINCERITY, JUSTICE and TRUTH are at the core of everything we do. Next year we celebrate the 85th anniversary of Loreto College in Coleraine and although the Loreto sisters are no longer physically within the convent house, they remain our inspiration educationally. We are very proud of our inheritance, but we also have a strong conviction that our Loreto identity is not something static that is locked in the past or in bricks and mortar. It is a dynamic reality that requires us to respond creatively to the changing needs of the time.

“Change can be unsettling and in the midst of all these proposed changes the challenge for us is to focus on you, the pupils and on the teaching and learning that goes on in the classroom, the focus for all that we do in school. So how do the recent proposals affect you as students in Loreto? Well in many ways there will be little impact for you our current pupils. Any changes will evolve and develop in a structured and a planned way – the Loreto way. We will build on what we know is good and retain our very high standards. Your teachers will still have the same high expectations for your academic performances; for your uniform and for your behaviour. Our distinctive ethos is grounded in our history and tradition as a Loreto school and we are thankful that the current proposals seek to preserve and maintain this ethos by developing our school as the single Catholic post-primary school in Coleraine. However, it would be foolish and complacent to take this for granted and so the school has been planning and preparing for the last number of years. That is why this year we complete our first year with a Y8 intake who were not academically selected. And as I look out at this cohort of students, I know that they are truly Loreto students, sharing in our values and ethos.

“As we move forward, I have every confidence that we can rise to the challenges, seize the opportunities that change presents and continue to offer a wide variety of opportunities and a first class education to all the pupils who come to us and we will continue to do so within the ethos and value system that has inspired countless generations of Loreto students.

“Of course academic achievement will still have great importance and that is why we take time today to celebrate the achievements of students who have excelled in some way in this current academic year. It is very important that you, the pupils, have this opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of the school, your school, over the last year. I congratulate you all for your diligence and hard work throughout the year and in preparation for the summer examinations. If we all try to do the best we can and if we do the simple things well, then we can all achieve to the best of our ability.

“However, school life is about much more than academic achievements, important as they are. It is also about developing you as young people and helping you to realise your hopes and your dreams. I am delighted with your participation in the life of the College. Your participation in all of our extracurricular activities brings a great richness and diversity to the school, not to mention the numerous successes. This year, again, has been hugely successful in a range of areas. Who can forget the fantastic sell-out performances of Phantom of the Opera or the wonderful musical and singing talents on display at the Christmas and Spring Concerts? Then there were the heroic efforts of the Junior Cross-country teams who won at District, Ulster and All-Ireland levels, with the junior girls’ team becoming All Ireland Champions and Abigail Mc Broom going on to represent Ireland. Many of these runners went on to win medals in the NEBBSA athletics finals. Chloe hope in Y9 became a world Kick-box Champion, whilst Emma Mullan in y10 gained a black belt in Karate. We have also had success in Gaelic games, gaining another Ulster title when the junior hurlers won the Brother Mallon cup. We gained NEBBSA Basketball and Netball titles at minor levels as well as participating in many different competitions. With so many successes over so many different sports it is not surprising that we were named School of the Year in the annual Sports Awards evening.

“I know that this school year is coming to an end, but I would encourage all of you to get involved next year in some of the many extra curricular activities that the school provides every day of every week. You will have an opportunity to make new friends, travel to different places, learn to be a team member and grow in confidence and self-belief.

“In the future, however, the true test of your education in this school will not be your examination certificates or what you have won and achieved. It will be how you have grown and developed as a person and how you use your talents and abilities to help others. One of the ways in which all of you contribute to this in school is your generosity in supporting the school’s designated charities and by contributing to our charities you are, in a small way, supporting those less fortunate than yourselves. This year we have raised money for many charities, including Trocaire, Action MS, Praxis as well as our own Loreto missions. To date you have raised £ 17326.21 and I congratulate you on such a wonderful total.

“Every school year brings its challenges, its highs and lows. Each day in assembly we continue to pray for staff and pupils as well as our extended family and friends who are seriously ill and we continue to wish them well. We remember the loss of family members and friends and again we hold them in our thoughts and prayers. On your behalf I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism and dedication of the teaching staff. There can be no finer body of teachers in any school. Every day they go the extra mile and push the boundaries in the interests of you, the students. I feel proud and honoured to have them as colleagues and as friends. I am confident that they provide a level of service that is truly outstanding and I commend them to you and thank them on your behalf. Thanks also to our visiting Priests and the Religious Education Department for the time and effort they put into organising the liturgies, retreats and seminars throughout the year. In particular I would highlight the recent mass celebrating the contribution of the Loreto Sisters. As a whole school we provided them with wonderful memories as they bade farewell to the Convent House.

“Our support staff also play a vitally important role, working quietly in the background to maintain the quality of services, buildings and grounds. My thanks to Mrs McDonnell, the Librarian; Mrs West our Senior Study Supervisor, Mr Lynn, the Bursar and Mrs McGuckian, the Bursar’s assistant; Mrs Dougan, my own secretary; Miss Stewart, Office Manager; Mr Otterson, Senior Technician on behalf of all the technicians; Mrs Johnston on behalf of all the Classroom Assistants; Mr Weir our Caretaker; Mr Turner, Groundsman and Miss McCann, Head Cook on behalf of all the canteen staff. My thanks also to our Governors. The Governors give generously of their time and expertise in making the many important and often onerous decisions in the best interests of the College and its students.

“My thanks, as always, to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield. Their prayers and support this year and every year are a valuable source of strength and we look forward to their continued presence in the school in the future.

“Finally my thanks to you, the pupils, for your cooperation throughout the year. This is your school and you are what make it so wonderful – I cannot thank you enough for your courtesy and pleasant manner. You are the future of our society and whether or not you have gained an award here today, you are all important members of our school and we greatly appreciate your own special talents and qualities. Thank you all for making our school so special.”

The prizes were distributed as follows, and were presented by Mr James, the Heads of Year 8, 9 and 10 Mr Shaw, Mrs McGill and Mrs McCambridge, and by various Heads of Department.

Emmet Richardson
Cara McTaggart
Ellen Mulholland
Dennis Bondarenko
Gabrielle Boorman
Erin Donaghy
Dearbhla Ni Choisneachain
Maria Roantree
Erin McReynolds
Orla Mullan

Sian Donaghy
Cabrina Farren
Jason Moore
Sylvia Smyth
Fionnuala Keane
Eve Gardiner
Donal Close
Caite Passmore
David Brussard
Susan McKendry

Molly Brennan
Anna Morrison
Eva McGrath-Olivan
Aoife Kelly
Dominic Bradley
Roisin McMorrough
Sarah Moore
Shannon O’Kane
Shauna Kelly
Finn Lestas

This certificate is awarded to all Yr10 pupils in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.

Darach Clyde
Luke Farren
Eoghan Gormley
Conor Kearney
Clare Kelly
Erin Kelly
Sarah Lundy
Aine Mailey
Megan McGilligan
Joseph McIntyre
Delaney McLaughlin
Martine O’Connor
Kristian O’Hale
Claire White
Magda Zaruska

Shannon Campbell
Matthew Catterson
Alisha Convery
Catherine Daly
Thomas Doran
Eve Gardiner
Conor Kelly
Mark Logue
Saoirse McAuley
Shauna McGonigle
Courtney McKeague
Jonathan Meehan
Aaron Myers
Adam Purvis

Callum Biggart
Cahir Boyle
Maeve Burns
Alana Crowe
Piers Curran
Niamh Doherty
John Martin
Grace McAlinden
Emma McLaughlin
Maria Quinn
Krzysztof Silakowski

8A Joseph McIntyre
8B Liffey Kelly
8C Maeve Kerr
8D Katie Lafferty
8E Cathal Bradley

9A Yasmin Peacock
9B Orlagh McCloskey
9C Meave Hegarty
9D Serena Corbett
9E Nora McIlvenny

10A Aimee Tweed
10B Aoibhinn Scott
10C Matthew Connolly
10D James McReynolds
10E Niamh McAtamney

8A Callum Rainey
8B Aine Quigley
8C Daria Brzuchalska
8D Eoin Kelly
8E Lauren Quinn

9A Ben Culleton
9B Conor Olphert
9C Riona Lafferty
9D Hannah Rafferty
9E Carmen Owens

10A Eoin Doherty
10B Callum Johnston
10C Sarah Kelly
10D Cara Henry
10E Sean McKeever

8A Megan McGilligan
8B Mateusz Pajak
8C Luke McNicholl
8D Caitlin McKay
8E Bronagh McCann

9A Niamh Carr
9B Megan O’Kane
9C Cassie McGilligan
9D Sean Roddy
9E Klaudia Silakowska

10A Oisin O’Harte
10B Casey Black
10C Blanaid Kealey
10D Aimee Ingram
10E Abbey Murray

8A Donal O’Kane
8B Niamh Duncan
8C Aoife Crawley
8D Isaac Berrisford
8E Peadar O’Hoisin

9A Owen Brolly
9B Adam Glenn
9C Nuala McCullagh
9D Reece Benson
9E Oran Somers

10A Shakeera Nazeer
10B Kristian Hoy
10C Ciaran O’Kane
10D Aaron Christie
10E Caitlin Ferris

8A Kate Doherty
8B Nadia Brzozowska
8C Keeva Smith
8D Aidan McFerran
8E Orla Mullan

9A Oliwia Rakowska
9B Aoibheann McCloskey
9C Kate Nelis
9D Kirstie Brown
9E Michael Carlin

10A Oonagh McAlister
10B Joy McFerran
10C Elizabeth White
10D Caoimhe Kelly
10E Jordan Thompson

8A Niamh Granleese
8B Anna McDowell
8C Keelan McAllister
8D Tiarna Gillan
8E Sarah McAllister

9A Orlaith McCarry
9B Ellen Ferris
9C Emer Kelly
9D Oliver Clyde
9E Aida Nemeth

10A Naomi O’Hale
10B Eamon McLaughlin
10C Sean Doherty
10D Nicole Williams
10E Pearse Donaghy

Savannah Corbett
Gemma Fraser
Annie Levy
Kalem Pritchard
Keeva Smith

Anthony Christopher
Serena Corbett
Sian Donaghy
Finn McEwan
Conor McGill
Susan McKendry
Conor O’Kane
Megan O’Kane

Matthew Connolly
Callum Johnston
Shauna Kelly
Joseph Mulholland
Oisin O’Harte
Riona Pauling
Benjamin White

Top Ten Readers in Year 8 (Based on books borrowed from the Library)
Holly Boyd
Nadia Brzozowska
Dearbhla Ni Choisneachain
Erin Kelly
Liffey Kelly
Maeve Kerr
Annie Levy
Cara McTaggart
Orla Mullan
Aine Quigley

Outstanding Achievement in Public Speaking:
Rebecca Dillon 10B
Le Prix Francais:
Nicole Kelly 10A
Best Contribution to School Magazine:
Flynn Faith-Crothers 10B
Shakespeare Prize for Best Essay on Shakespeare in Year 10:
Eva McGrath-Olivan 10E
Molly Brennan 10B
Young Artist & Designer:
Milena Mroz 10B
Gael Õg na Bliana:
Anna Morrison 10E
El Premio de Espanol:
Nicole Kelly 10A
Religious Education Awards:
Ciaran O’Kane 8C
Kaleigh Colson-Rice 9D
Aoibhinn Scott 10B
Year 8 ICT:
Savannah Corbett 8C
Year 9 ICT:
Catherine Daly 9A
Best in KS3 Science:
Molly Brennan 10B
Top Year 8 Geography Investigations:
Female: Aoife Crawley 8C
Male: Ruairaidh Kelly 8E
Top Year 9 Geography Investigations:
Female: Sian Donaghy 9A
Male: Jason Moore 9A
Top Junior Geographer Award:
Molly Brennan 10B
Drama Awards:
Year 8:
Best Female - Anna McDowell
Best Male - Aidan McFerran
Year 9:
Best Female - Oonagh Rafferty
Best Male - Adam Purvis
Year 10:
Best Female - Rebecca Dillon
Best Male - Pearse Donaghy

Junior Mathematics Challenge – Best in School:
Conor O’Kane 9E
5 Star Athletes:
Year 9:
Callum Boorman 9D
Daniel Burns 9A
Finlay Hutchinson 9A
Cathal Kearney 9E
Conor Kelly 9D
Conor Moore 9A
Conor O’Kane 9E
Josh Saban 9A
Owen Tsang 9D
Year 10:
Cahir Boyle 10E
Oisin Brennan 10B
Fearghal Close 10C
Adam Kerr 10B
Abigail McBroom 10E
Aidan McGonigle 10A
Anna Morrison 10E
Shakeera Nazeer 10A
Athlete of the Year:
Year 8:
Odhran McLarnon 8A
Chloe Mullan 8E
Year 9:
Daniel Burns 9A
Niamh Carr 9A
Year 10:
Cahir Boyle 10E
Anna Morrison 10E
Swimmer of the Year – Year 8:
Anna O’Kane 8A
Oliver Keys 8B
Team Successes 2014:
Junior Cross Country
Year 9 Netball
Junior Hurling Team – Mallon Cup Winners
Contribution to Sporting Life of College at KS3:
Niamh Boorman 10E
Adam Kerr 10B
Representing the College in Sport at National Level:
Abigail McBroom 10E
Generosity and Commitment:
Finn Lestas 10D
Adam Taylor 10A
Lauren Monaghan 10A
Participation in School Life:
Fearghal Close 10C
The Kate McSherry Memorial Cup for Contribution to Loreto Ethos in Junior School:
Shannon O’Kane 10D