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A Science Week was held recently at Loreto College Coleraine, with a number of exciting activities taking place to highlight the place and relevance of Science in the curriculum for students of all ages.† The week culminated in a one-day event for Primary 7 students from three local Primary Schools.

Some of the activities involved in the Loreto Science Week included paper plane design in Physics, in which the challenge for students was to design a plane which went the greatest distance, using a mechanical launcher.† Meanwhile in the Chemistry department, whizz-bang Chemistry was in action, with the production of a volcano in the lab, filling the room with smoke after a reaction.† In an enthralling display, water was also set alight.† The Biology department was visited by a representative of the local pet shop, who afforded students the opportunity to handle a snake, have a parrot perch on their shoulder or feed rabbits, hamsters and so on.† Other activities on offer throughout the week included an interactive science quiz using ACTIVote handsets, and a treasure hunt for Year 8 and Year 9 students.

The week culminated in the Mission to Mars day, in which Primary 7 students from St Johnís Primary School Coleraine, Christie Memorial Primary School Coleraine, and St Columís Primary School Portstewart took part.† The students took part in four research projects in the course of the day, based on the idea of setting up a colony on Mars.† The Physics activity saw the students building a light beacon using paper, while the Chemistry activity led to students obtaining salt from rock salt.† In the area of Biology, the students looked at possible life forms on Mars and in the area of Technology, they looked at making and moving a Mars Rover.† The competitive element of these activities saw Christie Memorial taking first place, in a close-run contest.† The event was sponsored by the Northern Bank, who supplied the trophy.

Mr Brian Lenehan, College Principal, congratulated the members of the Science Department, in particular Mr M James, Head of Physics, Mrs G Doherty, Head of Biology, Mr F Scullion, Head of Chemistry and Mr B McKenna, Head of Technology, on a lively and stimulating week.