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Tiarnach Kelly, who has been elected to the UK Youth Parliament and the NI Youth Congress - View Full Size Image
Tiarnach Kelly, who has been elected to the UK Youth Parliament and the NI Youth Congress

A student from Loreto College Coleraine has been elected to represent the young people of the East Londonderry constituency in the UK Youth Parliament and the Northern Ireland Youth Congress.

Tiarnach Kelly, who is currently in Year 12 at Loreto College, stood for the UK Youth Parliament’s second set of democratic elections in Northern Ireland, with candidates standing in the same constituencies contested by MPs and MLAs.  During her time as MYP for her constituency, Tiarnach has a particular interest in improving provision for young people, exploring work experience schemes at a time of youth unemployment and securing discounts for young  people still in full time education for leisure facilities and transport 

Delighted at having been successfully elected, and thanking her voters, Tiarnach said, “After being involved with youth clubs, summer schemes, leadership training, and events with the Youth Forum, I have experience of working with all kinds of different people in the area. I believe that I can represent the views of my peers in matters pertaining to young people in my local area and I strongly believe that young people should be given a voice and the opportunity to be heard.”

Mr Michael James, Principal of Loreto College, congratulated Tiarnach on her success in the UK Youth Parliament and Northern Ireland Youth Congress election, and wished her every success and fulfillment in representing the young people in her constituency throughout the year ahead.