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Winners of the Y8 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Miss B. Toner - View Full Size Image
Winners of the Y8 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Miss B. Toner
Winners of the Y9 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Miss B. Toner - View Full Size Image
Winners of the Y9 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Miss B. Toner
Winners of the Y10 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Mr S. Gallagher - View Full Size Image
Winners of the Y10 Academic Awards, with Vice Principal Mr S. Gallagher
Y9 Award-winners for Positive Attitude, with College Principal Mr M. James - View Full Size Image
Y9 Award-winners for Positive Attitude, with College Principal Mr M. James
Winners of the Mrs Kate McSherry Memorial Cup for Contribution to the Loreto Ethos in the Junior School - View Full Size Image
Winners of the Mrs Kate McSherry Memorial Cup for Contribution to the Loreto Ethos in the Junior School

The annual Junior Prizegiving was held at Loreto College Coleraine on Thursday 21st June, as the academic year drew towards its conclusion. The Prizegiving highlights the academic, personal, extra-curricular and inter-personal successes of the Year 8-10 students of the College and is a celebration and commendation of these achievements and qualities.

Welcoming the Year 8-10 students and their teachers to the Prizegiving, Mr Michael James, Principal of Loreto College, said:

‘I am delighted to welcome you all to our Junior Prize-giving at the end of another very busy and eventful year for the College. Life in school seems to be getting more and more hectic, with more expectations and more things to do – whether it is introducing a new curriculum, sitting examinations, raising money for charity, rehearsing for shows, going on trips or competing in another competition – there is always something else. And the wonderful thing is that no matter what it is we all respond positively and rise to the challenge.

‘Education, as with most things, does not remain constant. It is continuously changing and evolving and the challenge for us is to maintain the highest standards in this changing landscape. And as a Loreto school we are firmly rooted in the Loreto ethos with our core values of LOVE, JOY, SINCERITY, JUSTICE and TRUTH – the values that we try, each day, to instil in you. These values of are at the core of the Kolkata guidelines and promote an education system which is inclusive of everyone and which has prompted our Governors to move away from the use of academic selection. And for the first time, this year in September, we will admit our first cohort of students who have not had to sit a transfer test. Some people have questioned the wisdom of this change, but as the proposed changes from Area Based Planning and The Post-Primary Review have been revealed it is clear that the Governors’ decision fits in well with the grander scheme of things, with Loreto College identified as the single school to deliver Catholic education in Coleraine. This will necessarily mean that we will have to work with the other Catholic schools in Coleraine to develop this vision, but we can be assured that Loreto College will continue to flourish in the future.

‘Any change will evolve and develop slowly over the next number of years. We will retain and build upon what we know to be good and what has been proven to be successful. We will have the same teachers, deliver the same curriculum and offer the same opportunities to all our pupils. We will still have the same high expectations and encourage and push you to perform to the best of your ability. We are justly proud of our high standards of uniform and behaviour and these will not change. Our distinctive Loreto ethos is firmly established and will act as the foundation for us to build a strong and resolute future. However, we are not complacent and take nothing for granted. We know that we will have to work hard to continue to provide a first class education for any student who comes to us; whether they aspire to go to University or choose to follow a different career pathway.

‘Of course, in today’s highly competitive world, academic achievement remains significant and that is why we take time today to celebrate the achievements of students who have excelled in some way in this current academic year. It is very important that we, as a community, have this opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of our students over the last year. I congratulate and commend you for your diligence and hard work throughout the year and, in particular, your preparation for the summer examinations. If we all try to do the best we can and if we do the simple things well, then we can all achieve to the best of our ability.

‘However, school life is not only about academic success, it is also about developing you as young people and helping you to realise your hopes and your dreams, whether that is on the sports fields, creating works of art, acting on stage, developing culinary talents or playing a musical instrument. We all have unique gifts and talents and everyone can excel at something. As ever, I am thrilled with your participation in the whole life of the College. Your involvement in all of our extracurricular activities brings a great richness and diversity to the school and there are so many activities, clubs and competitions available to you.

‘It is rewarding to witness the enjoyment and friendships you get out of these, not to mention the numerous successes. This year has been particularly successful and today I will focus largely on our Junior School successes. Y8 boys won the NEBBSA Basketball Tournament and were runners up at Northern Ireland level, whilst not to be outdone the Y8 girls won and were runners up in the NEBBSA Netball Tournament. The Y10 Soccer Team won the Coleraine and District League whilst the Y9 boys lost out in a fiercely contested final. We have had great success in Gaelic sports this year, with the Senior Camogs winning the Fr Davies Cup, the Senior Hurlers (including Aaron Christie in Y9) winning the Ulster Shield and the Y11 and Y10 boys winning the Nagle Cup. To hold three Ulster titles in one year is a significant achievement and I congratulate the players and their coaches on these fantastic successes. It has also been a particularly good year for our Cross-country teams, with the Minor Girls coming 1st in the Districts, 2nd in Ulster and 3rd in the All-Ireland races. The Mini Boys also won the Districts and came third at Ulster level. Aoife Carr competed as an individual qualifying for the all-Ireland Junior race and acquitting herself very well on the day. Continuing a family tradition her younger sister Niamh won the Mary Mc Cabe trophy with Cathal Kearney winning the Y8 Boys Shield. Again congratulations to all the runners and to Mr Cunning their coach. The Junior Choir won the Bangor Festival and completed a trip along with the Senior Choir to London, performing a memorable concert in St Paul’s church in Covent Garden. Both the Carol Service and the Spring Concert provided a wonderful forum for the choirs and the school orchestra to showcase their abundant musical talents. Again thanks to the music department for rehearsing and producing these programs. Cahir Mc Laughlin, won the Loreto X-Factor and released his own EP. (However, I’m not sure if there is any truth in the rumour that he will be touring with One Direction next year). Emma Crossley, Orla Rafferty, Eve Gardiner and Niamh Cunning all won prizes for drama at the Coleraine Festival. Four Y10 Irish students were runners up in the Junior Gael Linn quiz and at Christmas all Y8 students showcased their creative talents in our annual Scor Na Nollag. Aidan O’Boyle, a Y10 student, is a Northern Ireland Karate Champion and he participates in the world Championships in September later this year. Thirty Y9 students had a very successful Ski Trip to Switzerland, whilst the Geography department had an equally successful trip to Iceland – so much so that they are now planning a trip to China.

‘This is only a flavour of all the successes throughout the year and apologies if I have missed anyone. I would encourage everyone to try and get involved next year in at least one of the many extra curricular activities that the school provides every day of every week. These activities give you the opportunity to develop new friendships, to travel to new places, to be part of a team and to grow in confidence and self-belief.

‘However, the true test of your education in Loreto College will not be your examination certificates or what you have won and achieved. It will be how you have grown as a person and how, in later life, you use your talents and abilities to help others. One of the ways in which you all contribute to this is your generosity in supporting the school’s designated charities. And this year, despite the poor economic climate you have been wonderful in this regard. This year, to date, you have raised well in excess of £22 000 and I congratulate you on such a wonderful total. We donated 32 Christmas Hampers to local families and 212 shoeboxes were sent off for the Road to Hope campaign. It is not surprising that we were awarded the Northern Area Winners from Action MS, having raised £4545 for this particular charity. We have also raised over £4000 for our own Loreto Missions during the Mission Sale alone and this money will go to help our sister school in India as well as the emerging Loreto school in Rumbek. My thanks go to Mrs Mc Cool, who does a wonderful job coordinating these efforts and to the Form Teachers who support her in her endeavours. This year Mrs Mc Cool had the opportunity to travel to Peru and observe how the £6207 you raised for Trocaire could be spent. It is easy for us to take for granted all the trappings of modern living, but by taking time and effort to raise money for people less fortunate than ourselves we are able to give something back and offer help where it is most needed.

‘None of these activities could happen without the support and hard work of our staff. On your behalf I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism and dedication of our teachers. Everyday they work to the very best of their ability in the interests of you, the students and I know that they provide a service which is second to none. I feel proud and honoured to have them as colleagues and as teachers in our school. I commend them to you and thank them on your behalf.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few teachers who will be leaving us at the end of this year and who have made a great contribution to the school. Miss Mc Gurk, Bean Ui Lochlainn and Mrs Diamond all joined us during the year to cover the maternity leave of Mrs Mc Laughlin and Bean ui Mhaolain. They have embraced the Loreto ethos and have worked tirelessly with enthusiasm and professionalism. Again, on your behalf, I thank them for all that they have brought to the school this year.

‘Our support staff also play a vitally important role in the service of our students, often working quietly in the background to maintain the quality of services, buildings and grounds. My thanks to Mrs McDonnell, the Librarian; Mr Lynn, the Bursar and Mrs McGuckian, the Bursar’s assistant; Mrs Dougan, my own secretary; Miss Stewart, Office Manager; Mrs West the Study Supervisor, Mr Otterson, Senior Technician on behalf of all the technicians; Mrs Johnston on behalf of all the Classroom Assistants; Mr Weir, Caretaker; Mr Turner, Groundsman and Miss McCann, Head Cook on behalf of all the canteen staff. Thanks also to our visiting Priests and the Religious Education Department for the time and effort they put into organising the liturgies, retreats and seminars throughout the year. Each of these events add so much to our school life.

‘On your behalf I would like to thank our Governors. The Governors give generously of their time and expertise in making the many important and often onerous decisions in the best interests of the College and its students.

‘My thanks also to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield. Their prayers and support are a valuable source of strength and their presence in the convent is a constant reminder of our Loreto ethos and they provide a connection to the wider Loreto family.

‘Finally, my thanks to you the pupils, for your continued support. Loreto College is your school and you are what make it exceptional – I thank you for your cooperation, your courtesy and your pleasant manner. When I look out at you today I see the future leaders of our society and I feel confident that the future is in good hands. Not everyone will have gained an award here today, but I would remind you that you are all important members of our school and we greatly appreciate your own special talents and qualities. Thank you all for making our school so special.’

The prizes were distributed as follows, and were presented by Mr James, the Heads of Year 8, 9 and 10 Mrs McGill, Mrs McCambridge and Mrs Pepin, and by various Heads of Department.

Sylvia Smyth
Cabrina Farren
Fionnuala Keane
Sian Donaghy
Jason Moore
Eve Gardiner
Cait Passmore
Susan McKendry
Donal Close
Thomas Baxter-Mulvenna

Molly Brennan
Anna Morrison
Dominic Bradley
Eva McGrath-Olivan
Niamh Cunning
Aoife Kelly
Shauna Kelly
Shannon O’Kane
Finn Lestas
Caitlin Ferris

Cariosa O’Harte
Emily Moore
Aoife Keane
Niamh Carlin
Aidan O’Boyle
Maggie McBride
Connie Baxter-Mulvenna
Emma Crossley
Caitlin Cosgrove
Darcey Kelly

This certificate is awarded to all Year 10 pupils in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.

Kirstie Brown
Danny Burns
Molly Canning
Niamh Carr
Serena Corbett
Saoirse McAuley
Orlagh McCloskey
Adam Purvis

Niamh Doherty
Aimee Ingram
Valentino Jayamanna
Megan McIvor
Leon McMullan
Caitlin Meenan
Abbey Murray
Kevin O’Kane
Mairead Tully
Daniel Walton
Nicole Williams

Aoife Boorman
Daniel Dallat
Sean McGill
James McKeown
Lucy McMullan
Caitlin Norton
Daniel O’Kane
Liam Tosh

8A Riona Lafferty
8B Courtney McKeague
8C Joseph Mullan
8D David Brussard
8E Aida Nemeth

9A Victoria Tsang
9B Glen O’Donovan
9C Sarah Dillon
9D Alicja Cichy
9E Caitlin Ferris

10A Cain McKendry
10B Oliwia Widuto
10C Kathryn Taggart
10D Reece McKeever
10E Orlaigh Toner

8A Oran Somers
8B Joseph McClements
8C Caitlin Moore
8D Conor Olphert
8E Ben Culleton

9A Jack Galbraith
9B Roslyn Sinclair
9C Fearghal Close
9D Aaron Christie
9E Sean McKeever

10A Laura McGonigle
10B Emmett Brolly
10C Conor Rogan
10D Caitlin Martin
10E Eoghan McCullagh

8A Sean Roddy
8B Cassie McGilligan
8C Thomas Doran
8D Adam Glenn
8E Michael Carlin

9A Rebecca Dillon
9B Shauna Kelly
9C Joseph Mulholland
9D Joy McFerran
9E Niamh Boorman

10A Katy McMullan
10B Dominika Dutkiewicz
10C Saoirse McPeake
10D Conor Craig
10E Kate Bradley

8A Emma Connolly
8B Anna McKeown
8C Hannah Mullan
8D Weronika Blaszczyk
8E Niamh McCloskey

9A Kevin O’Kane
9B Eoin Doherty
9C Jordan Miller
9D Cahir Hasson
9E Cahir McLaughlin

10A Alex Christie
10B Liam Ferris
10C Michael Dallat
10D Molly Maguire
10E Shaun Wallace

8A Klaudia Silakowska
8B Eimear Kelly
8C Zara Leese
8D Anna Brolly
8E Owen Tsang

9A Luke Boyd
9B Nicole Kelly
9C Niamh Doherty
9D Shannon O’Kane
9E Emma McLaughlin

10A Christopher Doherty
10B Caitlin McFall
10C Eimear Carey
10D Aoife Bradley
10E Sarah Purvis

8A Cathal Kearney
8B Andrzej Krystowski
8C Yasmin Peacock
8D Orla Wallace
8E Sean Coyle

9A Niamh Cunning
9B Roisin Bryson
9C Orla Bradley
9D Finn Lestas
9E Mary Mullan

10A Emma Martin
10B Emma McGeehan
10C Maria McLarnon
10D Joel Dinsmore
10E Rebecca O’Kane

Orlagh Carey
Aoibheann Conway
Serena Corbett
Sian Donaghy
Sean Dooley-Nealis
Thomas Doran
Catherine Dougan
Finlay Hutchinson
Fionnuala Keane
Finn McEwan
Carmen Owens
Owen Tsang
Orla Wallace

Niamh Boorman
Cahir Boyle
Aaron Christie
Matthew Connolly
Callum Johnston
Nicole Kelly
Shauna Kelly
Abigail McBroom
Eamon McLaughlin
Roisin McMorrough
Sarah Moore
Joseph Mulholland
Oisin O’Harte
Riona Pauling
Victoria Tsang

Eimear Carey
Mollie Maguire
Clodagh McGahon
Bronagh McNicholl
Eliza Richardson
Jane Telford

Top 10 Readers in Year 8 (based on books borrowed from the Library):
Aoibheann Conway
Serena Corbett
Eoin Jordan
Andrzej Krystowski
Finn McEwan
Susan McKendry
Tyrone Quinn
Oonagh Rafferty
Liam Riche
Oran Somers

Outstanding Achievement in Public Speaking:
Rebecca Dillon 9A
Finn Lestas 9B

Le Prix Francais:
Cariosa O’Harte 10A

Best Contribution to School Magazine:
Kate McLaughlin 10B

Shakespeare Prize for Best Essay on Shakespeare in Year 10:
Aoife Keane 10E

Young Artist and Designer:
Emily Cameron 10D

Gael Og na Bliana:
Anna McGuigan 10C

El Premio de Espanol:
Kate McLaughlin 10B

Religious Education Awards:
James Moore 8E
Matthew Connolly 9C
Niamh McElhinney 10C

Year 8 ICT:
Conor Moore 8B
Fionnuala Keane 8C
Aaron Myers 8C
Thomas Baxter-Mulvenna 8D

Year 9 ICT:
Kristian Hoy 9A
Dominic Bradley 9B
Aoife Kelly 9E

Best in KS3 Science:
Emily Moore 10A

Top Year 8 Geography Investigations:
Sian Donaghy 8A

Thomas Doran 8C

Top Year 9 Geography Investigations:
Niamh Cunning 9A
Roisin McMorrough 9A,

Dominic Bradley 9B

Drama Awards
Best Female 8-10
Oonagh Rafferty 8A
Joy McFerran 9D
Rebecca O’Kane 10E

Best Male 8-10
Ciaran McCarry 8A
Oisin O’Harte 9B
Tiarnan McGarrell 10D

Junior Mathematics Challenge: Best in School:
Molly Brennan 9A

5 Star Athletes
Year 8
Oliver Clyde 8D
Finlay Hutchinson 8B
Conor Moore 8B
Adam Purvis 8A

Year 9
Fearghal Close 9C
Calum Johnston 9A
Adam Kerr 9A
Aidan McGonigle 9B
Jordan Miller 9C
Anna Morrison 9A
Shakeera Nazeer 9C

Year 10
Aoife Carr 10A
Mark Cassidy 10A
Alex Christie 10A
Conor Gillen 10E
Cahir Loftus 10E
Daniel O’Kane 10B
Sean Quinn 10D

Athletes of the Year
Female 8-10
Susan McKendry 8B
Riona Pauling 9B
Aoife Carr 10A

Male 8-10
Finlay Hutchinson 8B/Jason Moore 8E
Fearghal Close 9E
Alex Christie 10A

Swimmers of the Year, Year 8:
Caitlin Thompson 8B
Finn McEwan 8B

Team Successes 2013:
Junior Choir
Minor Girls Cross Country
Mini Boys Cross Country
Year 8 Basketball
Year 8 Netball
Year 10 Soccer

Contribution to the Sporting Life of the College at KS3:
Bronagh McNicholl 10D

Senior Hurling Medal-Winner in Ulster Shield:
Aaron Christie 9D


Generosity and Commitment:
Aideen Reid 10B

Dervla Molloy 10E

Participation in School Life:
Cormac McCarry 10D
Aoife Carr 10A

The Kate McSherry Memorial Cup for Contribution to the Loreto Ethos in the Junior School:
Aidan Boyle 10D
Cariosa O’Harte 10A