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04/10/2011 DRUGS TALK

Loreto’s Year 12 pupils were held in awe as Jackie Burke shared his life story with them. On Tuesday 4th October, Jackie, a recovered drug addict, visited Loreto; with the objective that sharing his own story might deter others from going down that path.

In the first session, he alerted pupils to the different types of drugs available; he produced a display of what they look like and warned of the short and long term effects of each drug.

In the second session, Jackie shared his own experiences with the group; he told of how he lost close family and good friends as a result of his addiction, he spoke of how he lost jobs and houses too. It was a poignant story of his pitiful downfall and of how he reached rock bottom. Jackie spoke of how Christ’s love and that of his determined mother brought him back to health and offered him a life of love and ‘normality’.

In the third session, many eager pupils had the chance to ask Jackie questions about his life and experiences.

Jackie’s honesty and frankness about the dangers of drugs and about his own life story is to be applauded. It was certainly appreciated by Loreto’s Year 12 pupils.

Bean Uí Mhaoláin