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Junior Certificate Distintion Award winners (Year 10) - View Full Size Image
Junior Certificate Distintion Award winners (Year 10)
Year 10 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 10 Academic Award winners
Year 9 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 9 Academic Award winners
Year 8 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 8 Academic Award winners
Year 8-10 Positive Attitude Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 8-10 Positive Attitude Award winners

The annual Junior Prizegiving took place at Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School, on Wednesday 22nd June 2011.  The Prizegiving rewards students in the Year 8-10 age-group for their academic, personal, inter-personal and extra-curricular achievements in the course of the school year as it draws to a close.

Speaking at the Prizegiving, College Principal, Mr Brian Lenehan, said:

‘Members of staff, boys and girls, I’m delighted to welcome you to our Junior Prizegiving at the end of another very busy and memorable year for the College, a year that seems to have flown past.

‘It is very important that you, the pupils, have an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of the school, your school, over the last year.

‘Every one of you has strengths, talents and interests that we try to develop with you and if we have to encourage, coax and cajole you to bring these out that’s because your teachers’ heads are somewhat older and wiser than your own.

‘Every one of you, in a whole variety of ways, contributes to the life of the school.  What is particularly noticeable is the friendships that are made between you and the ways in which you care for each other and look out for each other.

‘Of course your studies are of great importance and I commend you for your diligence and hard work throughout the year and your preparations for your summer examinations.  In school we all try to do the best we can and if we do the ordinary things well then we will achieve our best.  When you do your best you are your best.

‘I’m also delighted with your participation in the life of the College.  There are a whole host of extra curricular activities, clu8bs, competitions, school production and it is terrific to see the enjoyment and friendships you get out of these, not to mention the numerous successes.  Your participation in all of these brings a great richness to the school.

‘I know that this year is almost over but I would encourage all of you to get involved next year in some of the many extra curricular activities that the school provides every day of every week.  You’ll make new friends, travel to away places, learn to be a team member and grow in confidence and self-belief.

‘The school is, however, much more than about study, subjects, examination and extra-curricular activities.  The school is also about you as young people, about your hopes, your aspiration, your formation.  The true test of your education in this school in the future will not be your examination certificates or what you have won and achieved.  Rather it will be the good that you do, how you use your gifts and talents and the desire that you have to put these talents to the service of others.  One of the ways in which all of you contribute to this in school is your generosity in supporting the charities that the College supports and in a small way you are supporting those less fortunate than yourselves.  This year you raised a total of £13, 869.30

‘Our school here and every Loreto school in Ireland and around the world has, at its heart, a set of values that we hope we pass on to you in abundance.  And these values can be summed up in five words

LOVE - and that simply means being kind and considerate towards each other; helping others especially those less fortunate

JOY - being happy, content; being optimistic and have a “can-do” attitude; satisfied to have what you need rather than what you want

SINCERITY - being yourself; not trying to be someone/something you are not

JUSTICE - being fair to others and when you see unfairness not to be afraid to say so; standing up for what is right; do the right thing, not the popular one

TRUTH - the truth will always set you free; sometimes it can be hard; being true to ourselves will help us feel good about ourselves.

‘Every school year brings its challenges, its highs and lows.  We remember the loss of family members and friends amongst our staff and pupils and the passing of Sister Mary Mallon after a lifetime of service to the Loreto Sisters.

‘On your behalf I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism and dedication of the teaching staff, day in, day out, they give of their very best in the interests of the students and I believe that they provide a level of service to our young people here that is outstanding.

‘The non-teaching staff also plays a vitally important role in the service of our students, often working unobtrusively and quietly to maintain the quality of services, buildings and grounds.  Our thanks to Mrs McDonnell, the Librarian; Mr Lynn, the Bursar and Mrs McGuckian, the Bursar’s assistant; Mrs Maxwell, Mrs Dougan, my own secretary; Miss Stewart, Office Manager; Mr Otterson, Senior Technician on behalf of all the technicians; Mrs Johnston and Mrs West, Classroom Assistants; Mr Weir and Mr Mull, Caretakers and on behalf of cleaning staff; Mr Turner, Groundsman; Miss McCann, Head Cook on behalf of the canteen staff.  Thanks also to Fr Keaney and the Religious Education Department for the time and effort they put into organising the liturgies, retreats and seminars throughout the year.

‘My thanks also to our Governors.  The Governors give generously of their time and expertise in making the many important and often onerous decisions in the best interests of the College and its students.

‘My thanks to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield for their continued prayers and support this year and every year.

‘Finally my thanks to you the pupils for your courtesy and co-operation throughout your years here – that is something we appreciate very much.’

The prizes were distributed as follows by Mr Lenehan and by various Heads of Year and Heads of Department from the College’s teaching staff:


Cariosa O’Harte
Aoife Keane
Emily Moore
Aidan O’Boyle
Eliza Richardson
Cormac McCarry
Katherine McMullan
Niamh Carlin
Connie Baxter-Mulvenna
Eden Guarino

Rachel Wilkinson
Peter Rogan
Ryan Florida-James
Ola Owolabi
Shannon Donaghy
Nicole Cosgrove
Elaine Boyle
Lauren McNicholl
Danielle Dempsey
Ryan Kane

Ciara Dinsmore
Rebecca Jayne McKillen
Meadhbh McReynolds
Annie McBride
Hannah McMullan
Victoria Bell
Katie McCullough
Geraldine Mellon
Matthew McGee
Caitlin Richardson

This certificate is awarded to all Year 10 pupils in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.


8A James McKeown
8B Conor Gillen
8C Jane Telford
8D Jamie Howard
8E Tara McLernon

9A Olivia Neeson
9B Taylor Archer
9C Oonagh Jordan
9D Shannon McWilliams
9E Jack O’Doherty

10A Nicole McNicholl
10B Luke Bacon
10C Thomas Bacon
10D Catherine McNicholl
10E Brega Mullan


8A Orlaigh Toner
8B John Smyth
8C Cormac McCarry
8D Kate Bradley
8E Mark Cassidy

9A Janosch Railton
9B Daniel White
9C Therese Mullaghan
9D Syeva Bondarenko
9E Amy Doherty

10A Ronan McCarry
10B Courtney Cox
10C Shauna McIlfatrick
10D Niall Browne
10E Mairead Carey


8A Dominika Dutkiewicz
8B Conor Craig
8C Ciaran Parahoo
8D Alex McCloskey
8E Michael Dallat

9A Meadbh Clarke
9B Brendan McFerran
9C Cormac Kerr
9D Kayleigh McKay
9E Orla Rafferty

10A Louise Hickey
10B Maria McLaughlin
10C Carla Armstrong
10D Clodagh McBride
10E Daniel Connolly


8A Aideen Reid
8B Megan O’Kane
8C Eoin Canning
8D Niamh McElhinney
8E Anna McGuigan

9A Eimear McCann
9B Sinead McLaughlin
9C Tiarnach Kelly
9D Conor Boyle
9E Anna McAllister

10A Ellen May Boyle McAree
10B Conal McGinley
10C Seanin McGee
10D Rebecca Kealey
10E Brogan Mailey


8A Shea McTaggart
8B Aoife Boorman
8C Shauna Doherty
8D Mollie Maguire
8E Grace Dougan

9A Saachi Khullar
9B Mary Ann McErlean
9C Jack Craig
9D Mark McKillen
9E Conor O’Callaghan

10A Chloe Platt
10B Katie McCullough
10C Matthew McGee
10D Patrick Clarke
10E Adam McCallion


8A Daniel Dallat
8B Rebecca O’Kane
8C Maria McLarnon
8D Emmett Brolly
8E Emma McGeehan

9A Rachel Kelly
9B Nadine Dickson
9C Odhran McElhinney
9D Dylan Johnston
9E John Mullan

10A Payton Mullan
10B Jacob McLaughlin
10C Niamh Kearney
10D Conor McAllister
10E Eunan Brown


8A Caitlin Cosgrove
8B Niamh Morrison
8C Oran Bradley
8D Shane McIntyre
8E Kate McLaughlin

9A Conor O’Kane
9B Jessica O’Brien
9C Eimear McKeown
9D Sean Doran
9E Sarah McKeown

10A Barry Daly
10B Conor Molloy
10C Kurt Wilson
10D Diarmaid Scott
10E Claire Rafferty


Contribution to Loreto Ethos in the Junior School:
Katie McCullough

Generosity and Commitment:
Sophia Devlin

Clodagh Gribben

Participation in School Life:
Rebecca Jayne McKillen

Top Ten Readers in Year 8 (based on books borrowed from the Library):
Philip Doherty
Laura McGonigle
Matthew McNally
Christopher Doherty
Aoife Carr
Saoirse McPeake
Harry Laidlaw
Emma Martin
Cariosa O’Harte
Connie Baxter-Mulvenna

Trophies presented by Subject Departments

Trinity Cup for Singing:
Rebecca Kealey

Trinity Cup for Piano:
Lauren McNicholl

Trinity Award for Singing:
Hannah McMullan
Louise Hickey
Meadbh Clarke
Erin Mullan
Niamh Morrison
Clodagh McBride
Saachi Khullar
Bronagh Rafferty
Yasmin Parahoo
Katherine McMullan
Alex McGinley
Tara Canning
Shannon McWilliams

Trinity Award for Instrumental Music:
Nicole Cosgrove
Orla Rafferty
Grace Dougan
Rachel Kelly
Oonagh Jordan

Best Contribution to School Magazine:
Maria McQuillan

Young Artist and Designer:
Cormac O’Kane
Adam McCallion

Gael Og na Bliana:
Shaciara O’Kane

Shakespeare Prize for Best Essay on Shakespeare in Year 10:
Conal McGinley

El Premio de Espagnol for Best Mark in GOML Spanish in Year 10:
Annie McBride

Religious Education Awards:
Cariosa O’Harte
Conor Doherty
Ceara Mellon

Le Prix Francais:
Hannah McMullan

Best in KS3 Science:
Annie McBride

Year 8 ICT:
Aidan Boyle
Kate Bradley
Emmett Brolly
Aoife Carr
Aoife Keane
Maggie McBride

Year 9 ICT:
Conor Pauling
Amy Doherty

Year 10 ICT:
Adam Kwong
Clodagh McBride
Clarke Telford

Drama Awards:
Best Male
Year 8  Tiarnan McGarrell
Year 9  Conor Dudley-Fergus
Year 10 Paul McFerran

Best Female
Year 8  Sarah Purvis
Year 9  Orla Rafferty
Year 10 Niamh Doherty

Public Speaking:
Danielle Dempsey


Year 8:
Aoife Boorman
Cahir Loftus
Aoife Carr
Mark Cassidy

Year 9:
Shannon McWilliams
Niamh Wallace
Oran Barton
Odhran McElhinney
Shea Eastwood
James Breslin
Cormac Kerr
Christy Laverty
Conor Pauling

Year 10:
Victoria Bell
Conor McIvor
Calvin Heavern
Pearce Burns
Hal McGonigle
Luke Bacon
Frank Dillon
Ronan Gaile
Cormac Quigley


Year 8:
Daniel O’Kane
Tara McLernon

Year 9:
Conor Pauling
Shannon McWilliams

Year 10:
Oliver Ferris
Victoria Bell

Swimmers of the Year
Year 8:
Daniel O’Kane
Megan O’Kane

Contribution to Sporting Life of the College at KS3:
Oisin Quinn


Year 8
Eimear Carey
Fergal Dillon
Shauna Doherty
Grace Dougan
Kevin Eakin
Michael Lagan
Una McCloskey
Alexandra McGinley
Tara McLernon
Callan McPeake
Erin Mullan
Jamie Neill

Year 9
Vsevolod Bondarenko
Jack Craig
Danielle Dempsey
Rachel Wilkinson
Sean Doran
Megan Downey
Siofra Gillan
Saachi Khullar
Eimear McCann
Conor McFeely
Alana O’Donovan
Conor Pauling
Daniel Roantree

Year 10
Pearce Burns
Eimear Dillon
Joshua Dinsmore
Ronan Eaton
Lucas Levy
Ronan McCarry
Rory McCormick
Sarah-Jayne McGill
Conal McGinley
Erin McGowan
Maria McLaughlin
Ceara Mellon
Conor O’Neill
Clarke Telford
Evan Wall
Kurt Wilson