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Loreto College's winning Physics at Home team with teacher Mrs K Brolly - View Full Size Image
Loreto College's winning Physics at Home team with teacher Mrs K Brolly

A team of Year 11 students from Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School, was ‘Under Pressure’ when they won Junior Section of the Physics at Home competition hosted and organised by Queen’s University Belfast. Team-members Adam Gellatly, Edward Lane and Damian McGrath gave a five minute presentation on the topic of Air Pressure, including demonstrations of a dancing ping pong ball, a collapsing can, an expanding marshmallow and Bernoulli’s principle. The judges praised the team-members on their innovative demonstrations and clear explanations of the topic.

Loreto College was represented by three further teams in the competition, who are all to be highly commended on their presentations. Roisin Parahoo, Bronagh Reid and Jack Reid (all Year 11) gave a very innovative presentation on surface tension entitled ‘A Big Drip’. In the senior section of the competition Vincent McMullan, Thomas McMullan, Ger Mullan and Sean McKendry  (all Year 12) described the property of density in a colourful demonstration entitled ‘Hook, Lime and Sinker’. The fourth team of Eve O’Loan, Sara Reid, James Granleese and Scott McPeake (all Year 12) explained how light travels and demonstrated the property of total internal reflection in their project called Totally Incredible Reflection. The aim of the competition is that students should explain complex concepts of Physics using household objects as opposed to the apparatus one might expect to find in a well-equipped science laboratory.  The challenge tests students’ ingenuity and communication as well as their scientific knowledge and expertise. 

Mr Brian Lenehan, Principal of Loreto College, paid tribute to all the students who represented the school at this prestigious event, along with their teachers, Mrs Maeve Close, Head of Physics, and Mrs Katrina Brolly, Physics teacher.