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Year 8 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 8 Academic Award winners
Year 9 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Year 9 Academic Award winners
Year 8-10 Concern for Others prize winners - View Full Size Image
Year 8-10 Concern for Others prize winners
Year 10 students who received Distinction in the Loreto Junior Certificate - View Full Size Image
Year 10 students who received Distinction in the Loreto Junior Certificate
Y8-10 Athletes and Swimmers of the Year - View Full Size Image
Y8-10 Athletes and Swimmers of the Year

The annual Junior Prizegiving took place at Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School, on Thursday 24th June 2010. The Prizegiving highlights the academic, personal and extra-curricular achievements of the students in Year 8-10 at the College.

Speaking at the Prizegiving, Mr Brian Lenehan, Principal of Loreto College, said:

‘As the year comes to a close we want to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements over the last year.

‘I often find myself reflecting on the school year and wondering to myself how we managed to do everything and fit everything in.  There is so much going on in the school from the start of September, right through to the end of June that the time just seems to fly in.

‘I, and your teachers, are delighted with your participation in the life of the College.  It is wonderful to see your engagement in the host of extra-curricular activities, sports, clubs, competitions, choirs, school productions and many others and of course the enjoyment, the friendship and the camaraderie you get out of these.  This brings a great vibrancy and richness to the school and we are often complimented on the great ambassadors you are when representing the school outside.

‘Every one of you contributes to the life of the school in some way.  Every one of you has talents, strengths and interests that we try to develop with you.  And you can do so much to help each other in this respect.  A particular feature of this school has always been the way in which pupils and staff look out for each other and stand up for what is right.  And I hope you will always ensure that remains a characteristic of the school in the future.

‘Although the school year is almost over I would encourage all of you to get involved in the life of the school next year in the many, many activities that go on in school every day.  By doing that you will make the school your school.  And I promise you, you won’t regret it.

‘Your studies are of great importance and I commend you for your diligence and hard work preparing for your summer examinations and throughout the year.  You will recall the advice I gave you prior to your examinations – listen carefully to the advice of your teachers and act upon it.  I’m sure you will now realise that this was very good advice and really helped you.  And that boys and girls is the key to success in anything you do.  Prepare well; by doing ordinary things well, you will achieve your best and when you do your best, you are your best.

‘The school is your school for the time you are here.  By doing your best in school you are giving to it and making it a better and stronger place. When you leave here you won’t be judged on your examination results, or the medals or cups you have won. No! You will be judged by the type of person you are.  How respectful you have been to members of staff; how considerate you have been to others; how well you have stood up for what you see as right; how courteous and mannerly you are when there are visitors and guests in the school; how well you use your gifts and talents to help others in need of help.

‘So boys and girls, it is very important that you have the opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of your school over the last year and how you contribute to make it better and better.’

The prizes were distributed as follows:


Rachel Wilkinson
Elaine Boyle
Rhianna Gardiner
Connor Doherty
Amy Doherty
Aine McNamee
Dylan Johnston
Sinead McAtamney
Oran Barton
Connor Boyle

Ciara Dinsmore
Annie McBride
Courtney Cox
Ellen-May Boyle-McAree
Ronan McCarry
Roisin Dooley-Nealis
Pearce Burns
Louise Hickey
Sinead Kerr
Daniel Connolly

Adam Gellatly
Rosanna McAleese
Alice McGee
Eilis McNamee
Caoimhe Cooke
Sorcha O’Hara
Niamh Dowdall
Brendan McKillop
Cliodhna McIlvenny
Eoin McKillop

Year 10 Loreto Junior Certificate:
This certificate was awarded to all Year 10 students in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.


8A Shannon McMullan
8B Colleen Burke
8C Antonia Boorman
8D Odhran McElhinney
8E John Mullan

9A Cormac Quigley
9B Ruairi Meehan
9C Emma Mullan
9D Joshua Dinsmore
9E Tiarna McGinty

10A Donald Turner
10B Jack Deery
10C Ellen Thompson
10D Patrick McCloskey
10E Caitlin Gormley


8A Lauren McNicholl
8B Eimear McKeown
8C Ola Owolabi
8D Shannon Donaghy
8E Ellen Tracey

9A Annie McBride
9B Geraldine Mellon
9C Sinead Kerr
9D Shaciara O’Kane
9E Tiarna McGinty

10A Ciara Morren
10B Kevin Liken
10C Tara Stewart
10D Eilis McNamee
10E Sorcha O’Hara


8A Shannon McWilliams
8B Seanann Quinn
8C Conor Pauling
8D Connal Ennis
8E Connor Dudley-Fergus

9A Cormac Quigley
9B Hannah McMullan
9C Ceara Mellon
9D Paddy Clarke
9E Adam McCallion

10A Ben Levy
10B Shannon Carey
10C Kate McManus
10D Naomi McDowell
10E Jack Reid


8A Chloe Stewart
8B James Gillan
8C Stuart Young
8D Elizabeth McManus
8E Shay McLaughlin

9A Pearse Burns
9B Katie McCullough
9C Conor O’Neill
9D Eimear Dillon
9E Maria McQuillan

10A Roisin Parahoo
10B Kirsty Crawford
10C Emma Kelly
10D Alice McGee
10E Rachel O’Kane


8A Susan McBride
8B Abbey Fleming
8C Siofra Gillan
8D Elaine Boyle
8E Jordan McCullough

9A Payton Mullan
9B Conal McGinley
9C Shleena Nazeer
9D Niamh Kelly
9E Cormac O’Kane

10A Donald Turner
10B Carlos Rojao
10C Emma Nelly
10D Paige Browne
10E Jill Hassan


8A Cara Doherty
8B Daniel Roantree
8C Olivia Neeson
8D Tiernach Kelly
8E Rhiannon Bell

9A Rebecca McKillen
9B Roisin Dooley-Nealis
9C Thomas Bacon
9D Beth McIvor
9E Daniel Connolly

10A Adam Mitchell
10B Kate Millar
10C Shannon O’Kane
10D Mark Gormley
10E Caitlin Gormley


8A Ursula Black
8B Ciara Irwin
8C Alana O’Donovan
8D Yasmin Parahoo
8E Rachael Crawford

9A Meadhbh McReynolds
9B Oliver Ferris
9C Lucas Levy
9D Conor McAllister
9E Erin McGowan

10A Damian McGrath
10B Bobbie Lee Mullan
10C Ruairi McPoland
10D Patrick McCloskey
10E Hannah Quinn


Contribution to Loreto Ethos in the Junior School:
Naomi McDowell

Generosity and Commitment:
Rebecca McKillen and Sophia Devlin

Shane Donnelly

Participation in School Life:
Rosanna McAleese and Ben Levy

Top Ten Readers in Year 8 (based on books borrowed from the Library):
Rhianna Gardiner
Jordan McCullough
Olivia Neeson
Connor Boyle
Rhiannon Bell
Shea Eastwood
Ola Owolabi
Peter Rogan
Yasmin Parahoo
Ellen Tracey

Trinity Cup for Singing:
Ruth Bleakley

Trinity Cup for Piano:
Rachel O’Kane

Trinity Award for Singing:
Mary-Ann McErlean
Hannah McMullan
Clodagh McBride
Bronagh Rafferty
Saachi Khullar
Paige Browne
Rosanna McAleese

Trinity Award for Instrumental Music:
Rachel Kelly
Lauren McNicholl
Ronan McCarry

Best Contribution to School Magazine:
Alice McGee

Young Artist and Designer:
Amy Lafferty
Saryah McCrossan

Gael Og na Bliana:
Caoimhe Cooke

Shakespeare Prize for Best Essay on Shakespeare in Year 10:
Peter Devlin
Eilis McNamee

El Premio Para Mejor Alumno in Year 10:
Adam Gellatly

El Premio de Español for Best Spanish ICT Brochure in Year 10:
Emma Kelly
Ben Levy
Kevin Liken

Religious Education Awards:
Y8 Rachel Kelly
Y9 Oisin Quinn
Y10 Ben Levy

Year 8 ICT:
8A Damian Mroz
8B Sean Doran
8C Ola Owolabi
8D Syeva Bondarenko
8E Rhiannon Bell

Year 9 ICT:
9A Chloe Platt
9B Geraldine Mellon
9C Ceara Mellon
9D Clodagh McBride
9E Maria McQuillan

Le Prix Francais:
Adam Gellatly

Best in KS3 Science:
Adam Gellatly

Drama Awards 

Best Male
Year 8 Connor Dudley-Fergus
Year 9 Oisin Quinn
Year 10 Jamie McGuinness

Best Female
Year 8 Sarah McKeown
Year 9 Clodagh Rainey
Year 10 Aoibheann Gillan

Five Star Athletes

Year 8
Oran Barton
Shea Eastwood

Year 9
Victoria Bell
Ellen Maloney
Conor McIvor
Luke Bacon
Frank Dillon

Year 10
Eilis McNamee
Rosanna McAleese
Cliodna McIlvenny
Alice McGee
Ciaran Ferris
Brendan McKillop
Eoin McKillop
Edward Lane
Seamus McAllister
Shane Donnelly

Athlete of the Year:

Year 8
Emmett Boyle
Medbh McIlvenney

Year 9
Oliver Ferris
Victoria Bell

Year 10
Seamus McAllister
Eilis McNamee

Swimmer of the Year:

Year 8
Orla Rafferty
Alana O’Donovan
Sean Mullan

Contribution to the Sporting Life of the College at KS3:
Eilis McNamee


Che McGoldrick
Olivia Neeson
Danielle Dempsey
Janosch Railton
Jack O’Doherty
Alana O’Donovan
Shannon Donaghy
Michael Coyle
Ciara Irwin
Ola Owolabi
Tiarnach Kelly
Rachael Crawford
Dylan Johnston
Conor Pauling
Anna McAllister
Sinead McAtamney
Daniel Roantree
Syeva Bondarenko
Medbh McIlvenny
Oran Barton
Elaine Boyle
Elizabeth McManus
Rachel Kelly
Imogen Darragh
Aine McNamee

Pearce Burns
Meadhbh McReynolds
Matthew McGee
Diarmaid Scott
Rory Campbell
Conal McGinley
Ceara Mellon
Eunan Brown
Louise Campbell
Evan Wall
Dylan Connolly
Daniel Connolly
Ronan McCarry
Thomas Bacon
Eimear Dillon
Jordan Kelly
Rebecca McKillen
Lucas Levy
Ronan Gaile

Edward Lane
Shane Donnelly
Eoin McKillop
Laura Fleming
Ben Levy
Ryan Duffy
Shannon O’Kane
Sorcha O’Hara
Ciara Morren
Kevin Liken
Alice McGee
Rachel O’Kane
Roisin Parahoo
Christopher Carson
Eilis McNamee
Kirsty Crawford
Brendan McKillop
Aidan Brankin

Concluding the Prizegiving, Miss Belinda Toner, Vice Principal, paid tribute to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College for their dedication throughout the year, and wished everyone present well for future successes.