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Year 9 students get to grips with the Climbing Wall - View Full Size Image
Year 9 students get to grips with the Climbing Wall
Biology Department lessons on Heart Health - View Full Size Image
Biology Department lessons on Heart Health
Peer Education in Emergency Life Support - View Full Size Image
Peer Education in Emergency Life Support
A visit to the Home Economics department - View Full Size Image
A visit to the Home Economics department

All Year 9 students at Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School, took part in an Activity Day organised by the Collegeís Biology, Physical Education and Home Economics departments on Thursday 26th March.† The day, which was organised in line with the Collegeís healthy lifestyles policy, aimed to enhance studentsí awareness of their own and othersí health and well-being.

In the course of the day, the students each took part in a number of different activity sessions, each with a different aim in terms of healthy diet and lifestyle.† A healthy eating session was held to reinforce messages from the Home Economics department, the school Canteen and the Health Promotion Agency: this session took the form of a quiz in the style of Who Wants to be a Millionnaire.† A contribution from Science raised the studentsí awareness of their own activity levels, along with some discussion of how and why these might be raised.† An enjoyable session of aerobic exercise led by the PE Department was a lively contribution to this aspect of the day.†

As well as physical health, the Activity Day also considered elements of mental well-being, such as the importance of a good work/life balance, and of the need for rest and relaxation in order to remain alert.† Concepts such as overcoming challenges were also part of the programme, with an emphasis on self confidence and self esteem.† Another vital element of the day lay in the development of life skills: Year 13 students, who had completed the British Heart Foundationís Heart Start programme earlier in the term, led a peer education session in Emergency Life Support, which included instruction in CPR.†

For many of the more adventurous students, the highlight of the day was the chance to tackle the Climbing Wall hired for the event from the Woodhall Outdoor Education Centre, Kilrea.† All the Year 9 students, however, found something to enjoy in the day and found it to be a stimulating learning experience.† Mr Brian Lenehan, Principal of Loreto College, paid tribute to all the members of staff who had organised and run the event, commenting that it had provided an invaluable experience for the students to gain confidence through personal development, as well as enhancing their awareness of their role as contributors to society as a whole.