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Mr David Hunter, Computer Consultant, with staff and students from Loreto College Coleraine - View Full Size Image
Mr David Hunter, Computer Consultant, with staff and students from Loreto College Coleraine

Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School, this week became the first school in Northern Ireland to have the memory capacity of its C2K computer network expanded.

As part of its Specialist School plan initiative, the College wished to enhance the opportunities it affords to students for personalised learning, creating an enhanced intranet of learning resources, including videos, podcasts and teacher SnapKasts.  The intention was that these could be accessed by students during study periods, before and after school, and even remotely, allowing for a 24/7 availability of learning resources which could be tailored to the needs of each individual student, as well as being shared with the College’s partner schools.  As these resources were developed, it became clear that the existing memory capacity of the College’s computer network was proving inadequate for such demands, and the school approached Mr David Hunter, a Technical Sales and IT Consultant, who designed and engineered a new system whereby the resource provision could proceed thanks to a significant expansion of the storage system.

Now operating in terabytes, the Loreto College network has now become the first school network in Northern Ireland to have undergone such an expansion.  As the Christmas examination period approaches, this affords students access to an already extensive range of personalised learning resources, which will be developed even further in the months ahead.

A launch of the expanded memory was attended by various key personnel who have been working on the resource provision: Mr Michael James (Vice Principal), Mrs Margaret McDonnell (Head of ICT), Mr Frank Scullion (Head of Science and Chemistry), Mrs Geraldine Doherty (Head of Biology), Mrs Maeve Close (Head of Physics) and Mr Keith Elgin (ICT Manager).  College Principal Mr Brian Lenehan paid tribute to the hard work of Mr David Hunter in designing the storage solution, and of all the members of the Loreto College staff who had contributed to the project.  Mr Lenehan commented that the memory expansion should provide an opportunity for some invaluable student experiences of personalised learning in the months and years ahead.