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Y8 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Y8 Academic Award winners
Y9 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Y9 Academic Award winners
Y10 Academic Award winners - View Full Size Image
Y10 Academic Award winners
Special Award winners with College Principal Mr B. Lenehan - View Full Size Image
Special Award winners with College Principal Mr B. Lenehan
Y8-10 Concern for Others Award winners with Mr J. O'Kane, Vice Principal - View Full Size Image
Y8-10 Concern for Others Award winners with Mr J. O'Kane, Vice Principal

The annual Junior Prizegiving was held on Tuesday 24th June 2008 at Loreto College Coleraine, Specialist School.  The Prizegiving highlights the academic, extra-curricular, personal and inter-personal achievements of the College’s Junior students, in Years 8-10.

Speaking at the Prizegiving ceremony, Mr Brian Lenehan, Principal of Loreto College, said:

“Members of staff, boys and girls, I’m delighted to welcome you to our Junior Prizegiving at the end of another very busy and memorable year for the College, a year that seems to have flown past.

“It is very important that you, the pupils, have an opportunity to celebrate and take pride in the achievements of the school, your school, over the last year.

“Every one of you has strengths, talents and interests that we try to develop with you and if we have to encourage, coax and cajole you to bring these out that’s because your teachers’ heads are somewhat older and wiser than your own.

“Every one of you, in a whole variety of ways, contributes to the life of the school.  What is particularly noticeable is the friendships that are made between you and the ways in which you care for each other and look out for each other.

“Of course your studies are of great importance and I commend you for your diligence and hard work throughout the year and your preparations for your summer examinations.  In school we all try to do the best we can and if we do the ordinary things well then we will achieve our best.  When you do your best you are your best.

“I’m also delighted with your participation in the life of the College.  There are a whole host of extra curricular activities, clu8bs, competitions, school production and it is terrific to see the enjoyment and friendships you get out of these, not to mention the numerous successes.  Your participation in all of these brings a great richness to the school.

“I know that this year is almost over but I would encourage all of you to get involved next year in some of the many extra curricular activities that the school provides every day of every week.  You’ll make new friends, travel to away places, learn to be a team member and grow in confidence and self-belief.

“The school is, however, much more than about study, subjects, examination and extra-curricular activities.  The school is also about you as young people, about your hopes, your aspiration, your formation.  The true test of your education in this school in the future will not be your examination certificates or what you have won and achieved.  Rather it will be the good that you do, how you use your gifts and talents and the desire that you have to put these talents to the service of others.  One of the ways in which all of you contribute to this in school is your generosity in supporting the charities that the College supports.  This year you raised a total of £21,416.16.

“Our school here and every Loreto school in Ireland and around the world has, at its heart, a set of values that we hope we pass on to you in abundance.  And these values can be summed up in five words

LOVE and that simply means being kind and considerate towards each other; helping others especially those less fortunate
JOY being happy, content; being optimistic and have a “can-do” attitude; satisfied to have what you need rather than what you want
SINCERITY being yourself; not trying to be someone/something you are not
JUSTICE being fair to others and when you see unfairness not be afraid to say so; standing up for what is right; do the right thing, not the popular one
TRUTH the truth will always set you free; sometimes it can be hard; being true to ourselves will help us feel good about ourselves.”

Mr Lenehan went on to give a summary of the achievements and activities of the academic year just ending, paying tribute to all those who had contributed so much to school life.  After this, the prizes were distributed as follows:


YEAR 8        
Rosanna McAleese    
Niamh Dowdall      
Adam Gellatly      
Caoimhe Cooke      
Peter Devlin      
Sorcha O’Hara     
Karl Traynor     
Karla O’Boyle     
Eilis McNamee      
Alice McGee      
Nicole O’Hagan

Catherine McLaughlin
Eve O’Loan
Fiona McGrath
William Lane
Niamh Meehan
Conor McCloskey
Eimear Anderson
Aileen McAllister
Thomas McCann
Gemma Reid

Anna Breslin
Emma Kelly
Bronagh Ward
Natalie Costello
Shannon Mullan
Daniel McAleese
Caoimhe Bond
Jamie Armstrong
Megan McLaughlin
Katherine Giddins

This certificate is awarded to all Year 10 pupils in recognition of their academic performance, application and diligence.


8A Tara Stewart   
8B Diva Dahiya   
8C Seamus McAlister   
8D Jessica Hickinson  
8E Laura Rafferty    

9A Nicole O’Connor
9B Caoimhe McCullagh
9C Ruby Scally
9D Tomas McCloskey
9E Fiona McIntyre

10A Ben McAteer
10B James Bannon
10C Ruairi McAuley
10D Margaret Mooney
10E Eimear O’Kane


8A Julia Brzozowska   
8B Brendan McKillop   
8C Bronagh Reid   
8D Aoibheann Gillan  
8E Kirsty Crawford    

9A Sarah Wall
9B John Giron
9C Olivia McLaughlin
9D Catherine McLaughlin
9E Dean McCloskey

10A Hannah Morren
10B Jordan Hardyway
10C Oisin McGahon
10D Katie Burns
10E Eoin Coyle


8A Shannon O’Kane   
8B Ben Levy    
8C Aisha Browne    
8D Jack Deery    
8E Caitlin Gormley    

9A Dean O’Kane
9B Naomi Ramage
9C Ger Mullan
9D Danielle Ferris
9E Laura McIntyre

10A Eoin Cunning
10B Paula McCloskey
10C Catherine McHugh
10D Marie Reynolds
10E Caragh Rafferty


8A Therese Corrigan   
8B Hannah McDonald   
8C Naomi McDowell   
8D Roisin Parahoo    
8E Catherine Morren   

9A Shawnee Black
9B Liam Browne
9C Danielle O’Neill
9D Emma O’Kane
9E Aisling O’Kane

10A Laura Christie
10B Ursula Dallat
10C Orlagh McNicholl
10D Peter Reid
10E Conal Gormley


8A Ruth Bleakley    
8B Eoin McKillop    
8C Vincent Masselis   
8D Christopher Bradley  
8E Damian McGrath   

9A Gregory McAfee
9B Alex Doherty
9C Sean McKendry
9D Thomas McMullan
9E Dermot Carey

10A Shauna Duffy
10B Clodagh McKeefry
10C Shannon Stanfield
10D Daniel Brown
10E Conor Dowds


8A Christopher Carson   
8B Emma Kelly    
8C Jack Reid   
8D Amy McLaughlin    
8E Chloe McIntyre   

9A Cristin O’Kane
9B Sean McMullan
9C Marie-Claire Nellis
9D Thomas McCann
9E Kirsty McCormick

10A Lee Higgins
10B Patrick Martin
10C Megan Doherty
10D Conor Reid
10E Aisling McAleese


8A Aidan Brankin    
8B Rachel O’Kane    
8C Conor Anderson    
8D Kevin Liken   
8E Ciaran Logue    

9A Aidan Carlin
9B Sara Reid
9C Niamh Meehan
9D Vincent McMullan
9E Aoife Kearney

10A Ryan McKeegan
10B Danielle McKeefry
10C Callum Bradley
10D Kieran Kelly
10E Jack Nelis


Contribution to the Loreto Ethos in Junior School:
Emma Kelly

Generosity and Commitment:
Lee Higgins

Oisin McGahon

Independence of Spirit and Courage:
Clodagh and Danielle McKeefry

Top Ten Readers in Year 8 (based on books borrowed from the School Library):
Luke Roantree     
Peter Devlin    
Paige Browne    
Roisin Parahoo
Diva Dahiya
Tara Stewart
Julia Brozozowska
Laura Fleming
Naomi McDowell
Karl Traynor

Trinity Cup for Singing:
Rosanna McAleese

Trinity Cup for Piano:
Alice McGee

Trinity Award for Singing:
Katie Burns
Ana Morelli
Alex Brownlow

Trinity Award for Instrumental Music:
Jamie McGuinness
Ciara McMacken
Anna McIlroy
Faustina McLaughlin
Dearbhla Rafferty
Lauren O’Neill

Public Speaking:
Angus Dinsmore
Rosanna McAleese (Mary Ward Certificate)

Best Contribution to School Magazine:
Josh Quigley

Young Artist & Designer:
Shannon Mullan

Gael Og na Bliana:
Kieran Kelly

Shakespeare Prize for Best Essay on Shakespeare in Year 10:
Katherine Giddins
Anna Breslin

El Premio De Espanol for Best Mark in GOML Spanish in Year 10:
Emma Kelly
Anna Breslin
Bronagh Ward

Liturgy Group:
Karl Traynor (8C)
Olivia McLaughlin (9C)
Shannon Mullan (10B)

Year 9 ICT:
Darren Close
Eve O’Loan
Justyna Pajak
William Lane
Vincent McMullan
Emma O’Kane
Laura McIntyre
Clare Tracey

Le Prix Francais:
Katherine Giddins

Best in KS3 Science:
Caoimhe Bond

Drama Awards
Best Male  
Y8 Ben Levy
Y9 Conor Carlin
Y10 Peter Reid  

Best Female
Y8 Aoibheann Gillan
Y9 Ruby Scally
Y10 Maria Mooney  

5 Star Athletes
Year 8
Eilis McNamee
Patrick Kerr
Edward Lane

Year 9
Megan Kerr
Clare Tracey
Justyna Pajak
Aisling O’Kane
Cristin O’Kane
Gregory McAfee
Orrin Devlin
Liam Gerrard
William Lane

Year 10
Megan McLaughlin
Mary Kate Mackle
Bronagh Ward
Carla Brogan
Anna Breslin
Che Bradley
Sam Boylan
Enda Loftus
Adrian Doherty
Matthew Brown.

Athletes of the Year
Year 8
Edward Lane
Rosanna McAleese

Year 9
John McLister
Cristin O’Kane

Year 10
Che Bradley
Shannon Mullan

Swimmers of the Year
Year 8
James Walton
Eilis McNamee


Christopher Bradley     
Fionnuala Davidson     
Laura Fleming     
Edward Lane    
Kevin Liken      
Rosanna McAleese  
Amy McLaughlin
Kate McManus
Shannon O’Doherty
Shannon O’Kane
Donald Turner
Christopher Carson
Adam Gellatly
Amy Lafferty
Alice McGee
Brendan McKillop
Diva Dahiya
Adam Mitchell
Karl Traynor
Eilis McNamee
Stephen Reynolds
Eoin McKillop
Rachel O’Kane

Clodagh Connolly
Ronan Cunning
Danielle Ferris
John Giron
William Lane
Tomas McCloskey
Laura McIntyre
Shane Phillips
Naomi Ramage
Niall Reid
Peter Hodgkinson
Lauryn McAleese
Sean McMullan
Oonagh Nugent
Sarah Wall
Sean McKendry
Clare Tracey

Eoin Cunning      
Emma Kelly    
Matthew Mailey    
Connor McCann
Justin Millar
Mischa Railton
Peter Reid
Michael Cheuk
Dhruv Dahiya
Bronagh Ward

Best in School:
Gemma Reid

1. Gemma Reid    
2. Lee Brownlow   
3. Aoife Kealey
4. Ger Mullan
5. Paul McKay
6. William Lane

1. Conor McCloskey  
2. Eve O’Loan   
3. Gregory McAfee  
4. Kelly Duffy   
5. Ted Bradberry
6. Laura McIntyre
7. Cristin O’Kane
8. Sean McMullan
9. Marcus Houston
10. Simone Doherty
11. Sinead Hardy

1. Niall McMahon   
2. John McLister  
3. Kirsty McCormick  
4. Marie Claire Nellis  
5. Dervla McCloskey  
6. Adam Cummings  
7. Michaela McErlean  
8. Ruairi Mooney  
9. Aileen McAlister  
10. Danielle Ferris 
11. Megan Kerr
12. Fiona McGrath
13. Liam Gerrard
14. Ronan Cunning
15. Thomas McCann
16. Dermot Carey
17. Nadine Kearns
18. Ciaran Colhoun
19. Clodagh Connolly
20. Scott McPeake
21. Darren Close
22. Ciaran Bennett
23. Clare Tracey
24. Eimear Anderson
25. James Granleese
26. Liam McKeever
27. Maeve Lofthouse
28. Norene McBride
29. Orla Quigg