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Visiting the Animate Your Rights exhibition at Loreto College Coleraine - View Full Size Image
Visiting the Animate Your Rights exhibition at Loreto College Coleraine

An exhibition launched in late November 2007 by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, in partnership with the University of Ulster, is currently on display in Loreto College Coleraine. 

The work on display was created by Visual Communications students at the Belfast Campus of the University of Ulster in the course of 2007, and was launched in Belfast by the Chief Commissioner, Professor Monica McWilliams, and the Provost of the University of Ulster, Professor Bill Clarke.

Chief Commissioner, Professor Monica McWilliams commented, “It is hoped that this exhibition can inspire others by giving expression to the meaning of human rights. By gaining a better understanding of human rights, hopefully we can build a better future based on respect and our common dignity.”

The exhibition, following an initial period in the Art College, Belfast, is touring a number of schools and will remain in Loreto College for approximately three weeks.  In the course of this time, it will be visited by a number of the College’s partner schools as well as being incorporated into the learning and teaching experience within Loreto College itself.

Mr Brian Lenehan, Principal of Loreto College, commented that the installation of the exhibition in the school was an extremely positive educational experience for all those fortunate enough to experience it.