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Winners of Year 14 Academic Awards at Senior Prizegiving - View Full Size Image
Winners of Year 14 Academic Awards at Senior Prizegiving
Winners of Year 14 Subject Awards at Senior Prizegiving - View Full Size Image
Winners of Year 14 Subject Awards at Senior Prizegiving
Winners of Year 13 Awards at Senior Prizegiving - View Full Size Image
Winners of Year 13 Awards at Senior Prizegiving
Winners of Year 12 Academic Awards at Senior Prizegiving - View Full Size Image
Winners of Year 12 Academic Awards at Senior Prizegiving
Winners of Year 12 Subject Awards at Senior Prizegiving, with Mr M James, College Principal - View Full Size Image
Winners of Year 12 Subject Awards at Senior Prizegiving, with Mr M James, College Principal

The annual Senior Prizegiving was held at Loreto College Coleraine on Thursday 12th September.  The Prizegiving celebrates the academic, personal, inter-personal and spiritual excellence of the College’s senior students, and was an opportunity to welcome back the A Level students of Summer 2019 and celebrate their success.

The guest speaker at the Prizegiving was former Loreto College student, Mr James McDaid.  James McDaid was a pupil at Loreto from 1986 – 1993. He is now a renal transplant surgeon at Belfast City Hospital. He has worked in Northern Ireland for five years. James attended medical school at Cambridge University. PhD and transplant surgical fellowship were both at Harvard University, in Boston. He has partnered in a transplant research project with space-lab astronaut Taylor Wang. He is currently co-supervising a PhD student at Queen’s University. James has represented Ireland at the world summit on transplant tourism in the Pontificate Academy of Science. He has been an invited speaker on issues of organ donation at the Dail Eirann, Stormont and Departments of Foreign affairs and Human Rights.
Prior to his career in transplant surgery, James worked in both the Salmon Leap and Charlie’s restaurants in Coleraine as well as the Lodge Road Shell garage. He also had brief stints as Boy George’s bodyguard and a trainee gender reassignment surgeon. James lives in East Belfast with his wife Emily and two children Finn (9) and Caroline (7). His hobbies are golf, surfing and sailing.  In a very thought-provoking speech, Mr McDaid talked about the lasting lessons both academic and personal he had learned during his 7 years at Loreto College, the lifelong friendships he made at the school and his memories of the outstanding teaching he received there.  Talking about his own life, he outlined research into the pursuit of happiness and the importance of relationships, health and an optimistic approach to life alongside hard work and a fulfilling career, encouraing the students present to incorporate all these things, and the values which are part of the Loreto College ethos, into their lives as they complete and move on from their school studies.

Mr Michael James, College Principal, thanked Mr McDaid for his inspirational words.  Welcoming students and their parents to the Prizegiving, he said:

‘You certainly have had a wonderful career and it is humbling for us to have been a small part of it. You played a part in transplant research with the astronaut Taylor Wang, which that leads me nicely in to the start of what I want to say this evening.

‘50 years ago this July, astronaut Neil Armstrong took ‘one small step for man’ onto the moon’s surface and in a year of many key anniversaries, it was this one that stood out for me. That’s because as a young boy I was mesmerised by the Apollo launches and wanted to be an astronaut rather than, as these days, a premiership footballer. So, I was delighted this summer to watch the extended footage of the event and relive the moment. At the time Neil Armstrong thought it would be a ‘giant leap for mankind’ and, this July as I sat watching the news footage of the time, it seemed that the whole of mankind was in agreement. Speaking to the two astronauts on the moon’s surface President Nixon remarked, ‘As you talk to us from the sea of tranquillity it inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquillity to earth.’ 

‘Unfortunately, 50 years on we have failed to make that giant leap forward. Admittedly, there have been many technological and scientific benefits derived from the space programme and we now live in an era when you can instantly find any information you want on your phone via the internet or send an instant message through whatever social media platform you favour, both using satellite technology developed during the space race. However, our world seems more divided than ever and we face huge environmental and energy challenges here on our own planet, without looking to the heavens and where we go next. However, as an eternal optimist, and as a teacher you have to be, I firmly believe that we have the ability to address and overcome any challenges we face. After all, we were able to send a man to the moon using little more than A Level Physics – it’s not rocket science really.

‘And as I look out at this hall, I see the future – the future doctors, nurses, teachers, builders, engineers, programmers, police officers, economists, business owners, politicians, managers, teachers, social workers and many other jobs that have not yet been invented.  And maybe even some future astronauts. In a rapidly changing, technological age we will need people like you, who are able to rise to the challenges and seize the opportunities available. Here at Loreto, we are trying to ensure that you are fully prepared to make the best of any opportunities, as we mould and encourage you to be the best person you can be. Our Loreto Education provides you with the tools to face the modern world with confidence and to embrace its challenges and opportunities equally.

‘As a Loreto school we are part of a wider Loreto family and we are proud of this heritage. We try to emulate the ideals of Mary Ward in our day to day working and our emphasis is on the importance of service to others through relationships, respect and spirituality. Our school community is built on mutual respect and trust, reflecting the values of the Loreto Order. As a school, we hope that our students will grow as individuals, who will use their talents and abilities to build a more just and equitable society and create a better future for everyone. And so, we are acutely aware that it is important to educate the whole person. 

‘During your time at Loreto you will have gained qualifications, knowledge and skills, but more importantly you will have experienced our ethos and learned our values. Although significant, A-level grades will never be the way you are judged as a person. They may have been necessary to gain entry into university, but ultimately the quality of your relationships, your moral values and how you treat others will be much more significant. Take the Loreto ethos with you and use everything that you have learned here to make a genuine difference in the world. Be generous with your time, be respectful and courteous in all you do and remember, you only get out of life what you put into it. However, it is also important for us to take time to celebrate our achievements and successes over the past year. It gives us the opportunity to reflect on how well we are doing, in preparing you for the future whatever that may be.

‘And there has been much to celebrate this year. Our ‘A’ Level students produced another great set of results with 85% achieving three or more grades A* - C. 37% of all grades achieved by these students were A* or A grades and over 70% of all grades achieved were a grade B or better. This is a fantastic reward for all of our students and their teachers and I am delighted by your success. Among our top performers nineteen students achieved the fantastic standard of 3 A grades or better, with Conor Kelly achieving four A* grades and Cabrina Farren, Fionnuala Keane and Sylvia Smyth achieving three A* grades or better. Last year Molly Brennan was first in Northern Ireland in A Level Physics and Patrick McMullan was 3rd in GCSE Drama. Molly received an Institute of Physics Award to recognise her achievement, whilst Dominic Bradley was awarded a JP McManus Scholarship, reflecting his excellent results in all five of his A levels and Sarah Dillon was awarded an Entrance Exhibition Award at Trinity College, recognising her outstanding results at A Level.

‘Once again, our GCSE students have achieved a wonderful set of results. This year group represents the second cohort to have come through the school without academic selection and their performances compare very well to all the key indicators used by the Department of Education. 88% of all students achieved five or more grades A*-C, with 76% of students achieving seven or more grades A*-C, including English and Mathematics.  In a year when the grading system has changed and fewer A* grades have been awarded, I am very pleased that 28% of all grades achieved were A or A* with two thirds of all grades achieved being the new grade C* or better. These results compare very favourably with previous Northern Ireland averages and again, I am delighted that the hard work and commitment of our students and teachers has been rewarded.

‘These results again confirm Loreto College as a leading school in the area and everyone here should feel rightly proud of this success. This is despite the huge financial cutbacks faced by the school over the past number of years. It is incumbent upon me as an educator to highlight, once again, the significant lack of funding that is currently being faced by schools. Over the past eight years Coleraine schools have been involved in a rationalisation process that has reduced the number of schools by two, causing significant savings for the Department of Education. And yet our school has failed to reap the benefits of these savings, because many other schools have been slow to engage fully in that rationalisation process that is required right across Northern Ireland. 

‘There is currently a lack of strategic planning and direction, which when combined with a lack of investment, means that for most schools, the financial situation will become intolerable, if it is not already at that point. Within our school we have tried our best to mitigate the effects of this underfunding. We have done everything we can to ‘trim the fat’, but we are now in a position where year on year cuts to our budget can no longer be sustained. We have now reached a situation where the future education of our students is being put at risk because of a lack of genuine investment. As ever, here at Loreto, we will work hard to ensure that our students continue to be successful and thrive. We are currently having to look at ways of raising funds and, like many schools, may have to look to our parents for support. 

‘The future prosperity of our country depends on developing our young people and education should be properly funded by central government. It is a false economy to reduce investment in our young people and I would call on politicians of all persuasions to come together and work to ensure that our education system receives the appropriate funding, so that it remains the beacon of excellence that it has been in the past. 

‘Given this background of austerity, it makes the achievement of our students all the more remarkable and I congratulate all our students and their teachers on their hard work and efforts throughout the year. On your behalf, I want to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to all of our teachers for their continued professionalism and commitment. I feel proud and honoured to have them in our school and I am convinced that there is no finer teaching staff in any school. I am confident that they provide a level of service that is truly outstanding, and I commend them to you and thank them on your behalf. 

‘I am delighted, as ever, with participation in wider school life.  Extracurricular activities help develop skills and create friendships that will last long after school.  It is important that as many of our students as possible, avail of the wealth of opportunities provided throughout the school year, whether playing sport, singing in a choir or heading off on a school trip. This year, again, has been hugely successful in many areas and I congratulate all those who have taken part throughout the year, as well as thanking all our staff who organise and run the various activities. 

‘This year, Loreto celebrated a tremendous Netball season, with the Minor B, the Junior, the Intermediate and the Y8 teams all winning their respective Leagues. The Minor A and Senior teams were runners up in their competitions, while the Year 11 team finished as runner-up in the NEBSSA Netball Tournament.  Our thanks to Ms Wilson and Mrs McCullough on their commitment to coaching and running these teams. Mr Harkin was delighted by the performance of the Junior Basketball team, which finished in Silver Medal position in the NEBSSA Basketball Tournament. Soccer teams participated at all levels in the Coleraine & District Leagues, with the Year 8 team winning the title for the third year in a row. Thanks to Mr Byrne and Mr McCloskey for their dedication and commitment.
To win any Ulster medal is a huge achievement. And this year in Gaelic games we had three teams that won Ulster Titles. So, we are justly proud of the Loreto Senior Camogie team, which won the Fr Davies Shield and the Loreto Senior Hurlers who were victorious in the Casement Shield, continuing Mr Boyle’s success in this competition. Following these successes, three Loreto students won All Star Awards: Tiegan Mullan and Kirsty McFerran in Camogie and Leo Passmore for Hurling. 

‘In Gaelic football, teams competed at all levels qualifying to the latter stages of all competitions. The Year 9 Gaelic team won the Irish News Cup, with a thrilling victory over Rathmore in the final. Thanks to Mr Murtagh and Mr Bradley for their efforts on behalf of the team and congratulations to all our Gaelic games teams and the many coaches on another great year.

‘In cross-country all Y8 students completed the twenty-fourth Mary McCabe race, with Connie McBride and Joe McNicholl emerging as winners. Niamh Carr won the Ulster Clubs’ Cross Country and then finished 5th at all-Ireland level. She later won the district Cross-country competition, whilst in the NEBSSA Cross Country, Niamh McGarry won her individual competition and the Year 11 girls team 
finished second overall. Cormac Carr ran a brilliant race to achieve a Bronze medal in his race.  

‘In athletics, Niamh McGarry had great success at the NEBSSA Finals winning both the 800m and the 1500m.  Zofia Czajka finished third in the 100m and first in the Long Jump, before going on to win the first ever Rising Stars Combined events competition, displaying great ability in four different events. 
At the District Athletics Championships, Niamh Carr took first place in Senior Girls’ 800 and 1500m races, while Tolu Jide-Ojo was placed second in the Intermediate Girls’ 100m and Long Jump. Niamh went on to win the Senior Girls’ 1500 metres at the Ulster Championships before representing Ulster at the All Ireland Schools Finals, contesting the Senior Girls’ 1500 metres. Niamh won the Irish Schools’ title in an impressive time of 4:48:19 a wonderful culmination to her tremendous sporting career at Loreto. We wish her well in all her future athletic endeavours.

‘Several students had outstanding success in swimming this year. At the Irish Nationals, Eoin Mullan won Bronze in the 100m and 200m Butterfly. Kyle Cooper won the 100m Freestyle and was placed third in the 200m Freestyle at the Ulster Development Swimming Gala and at the Swim Ulster Schools Championships Eoin Mullan won 100m Butterfly as well as coming second in the 200m Individual Medley.  Meanwhile, Orla Quinn won Bronze in the 100m Breaststroke and then at the Ulster Schools’ Swimming Gala Orla won the Breaststroke and Individual Medley, while Shannon Baird took first place in the Breaststroke.  Eoin Mullan took first place in the Butterfly event and was subsequently selected for the Ulster Swimming squad.  Eoin had a number of successes at the Ulster Championships, winning Gold in the 100m and the 200m Butterfly, as well as Gold in the Individual Medley. 

‘Some new sporting talents have emerged this year, with Year 8 tennis player, Sienna McKenna, winning the North West Under 14 Tennis Tournament. Our Junior Golf Team of Minnie Dihmis, Emily Henry and Amelia Murphy – won the inaugural NEBSSA Team Final, with Amelia also winning the individual girls competition. Tara Laverty continues to make great progress in the golfing world, representing Ireland at U16 over the summer and competing in the Duke Of York Young Champions Trophy throughout this week at Royal Portrush. 

‘Away from sport, in Mathematics, Cathal Doherty, Oran Tosh, Niamh Murray and Grace McClements, were 3rd in the Northern Ireland Maths Team Challenge. Our science students continue to excel, with several pupils selected for the finals of the BT Young Scientist and Susan McKendry being selected to represent Northern Ireland at the Big Bang Fair in England. At the North West Scifest Anna Toner, Meabh Bryson and Teresa Sobocinska won the Maths in Science Award and the Allstate NI award to attend the UK Big Bang Finals. Conor McCloskey won the FMA Award for Energy Conservation, while Grace McClements, Grace McConnell and Filip Podsada won the QUB Award for Physics, as well as a Sentinus Grand Award and entry to the Big Bang Finals – the third consecutive year that Loreto College will be representing Northern Ireland in the UK Finals. Congratulations to Mrs Close and Mrs Brolly for preparing all these students.

‘Y10 students Grace McConnell, Sophie Crawford and Edward Mulholland all had work published, after winning Young Writers competitions and two Y11 students, David Farren and Nadine McAllister, won the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Week Writing competition.  Artwork produced by three Y11 pupils, Carla Smith, Neeve Campbell and Bronagh McLaughlin was incorporated into a large-scale sculpture by local artist, Sara Cunningham-Bell and is currently on display at the Lodge Road Roundabout. Aisling McIntyre in Year 8 received a Certificate of Excellence for her entry into the Portstewart Community Association Logo Competition.   

‘Music and drama continue to thrive, with our traditional group, Tigh Tara, ably led by Mrs Close, was invited to play before the start of the Gradam Ceoil Awards in the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. The group then won through to perform in the All-Ireland Final of the prestigious Gael Linn Siansa competition at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. They were the only group up of musicians to come from the same school. A fantastic achievement for all concerned and our thanks to Mrs Close for all her hard work in preparing these musicians. 

‘In Drama, a group of Year 11 students directed by Mrs McEwan won an Anti-Bullying Drama Award as part of Anti-bullying Week. Our Year 8, 9 and 10 Drama groups, coached and mentored by A Level students, put on a wonderful evening of musical performances in the Autumn, whilst our extensive, musical talent was, once again, showcased in a memorable Spring Concert. We thank the music and drama departments for constantly producing such wonderful shows and wish them well as they get ready for our latest production, Beauty and the Beast – the set for which you can see developing on the stage around us. The show again promises to be a high-light of the year and tickets will be on sale at the school office from tomorrow. So book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

‘My thanks to the teachers and other staff members who give so freely of their time to provide these wonderful opportunities, whether it is school trips to Los Angeles, Berlin or Rome, our school musical or Spring Concert, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, Gaelic Games, soccer, netball or cricket. This myriad of activities and sports is only possible through the selfless dedication and commitment of the staff who spend long hours preparing, planning and coaching on behalf of our students.

We also take time to thank those staff members who have moved on to pastures new and to different challenges. This year, we said a fond farewell to Miss Martin and Miss Stewart. Miss Martin, after five years within Loreto Coleraine has moved closer to home and her fiancé. She was a wonderful inspiration to our pupils and staff alike with her happy disposition and her passion for mathematics. We are sorry to lose her and hope that she will be as happy in Loreto Navan as she has been here at Loreto Coleraine. Miss Stewart was a member of our teaching staff for 39 years and her commitment to her students and her passion for her subject never diminished in all those years. She gave exemplary service and her care for her students was truly a reflection of our Loreto ethos. Her time here was filled with kindness and compassion, both in and out of the classroom and although no-one is irreplaceable, it will be hard to replicate her unique qualities and we will miss her. We wish her well in her retirement but hope to see her back soon for our latest production, Beauty and the Beast.  Did I mention that tickets are on sale from tomorrow!

‘We were delighted to welcome several new teachers last September: Mr McGilligan, Mrs Carey, Miss McColgan( now Mrs O’Donnell), Mr McErlain and Mr McAleer have settled well, and we hope that they all enjoyed their first year in Loreto.  We wish them many happy years as part of our Loreto family. 

‘My thanks, as ever, to all our wonderful support staff for the magnificent job they do on behalf of our school community. They play a vitally important role in maintaining the quality of services, buildings and grounds and their commitment and dedication to our students is unparalleled, whether providing meals in the canteen, offering support in the classroom, taking care of the buildings or dealing with the many queries at the office.  My thanks to them all on your behalf.

‘My thanks also to our Governors, who continue to play such an important role in the school. They are often called upon to make many important and onerous decisions on your behalf and they give very generously of their time and expertise, always with the best interests of the College and its students at heart. 

‘As I have previously mentioned, our Loreto education tries to allow you to mature and develop as a person and encourages you to use your talents and abilities in the service of others. We see our ethos being lived out by the action of our pupils who volunteer in their parishes as part of the Pope John Paul Award, or by joining ‘Habitat for Humanity’ to build houses in developing countries. Miss Galbraith was again joined by several of our pupils on her annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes – a wonderful and very memorable experience for them all. We enrich our own lives by helping and giving to others and I am always humbled by your generosity in this regard. At Christmas you collected an impressive total of 402 shoeboxes for the Shoebox Appeal and 35 large hampers were delivered to the local SVP chapter to help those in need at Christmas. During Mission Day you raised £4000 for the Loreto Missions and then went on to raise a magnificent total of £5240 for Trócaire. I would like to commend Mrs McCool and Mrs Mc Closkey for their hard work coordinating all these efforts and thank them on your behalf.

‘My thanks, as always, to the Loreto Community both here in Coleraine and further afield. A sense of “community” has always been part of our school and that is why we are delighted that our Loreto Sisters continue to support us with their prayers and regular visits to the school.  My thanks also to our Religious Education Department and the many visiting Priests for the time and effort they put into organising and celebrating our masses and retreats. These liturgies offer a focus for us all to come together and share in celebration, prayer and reflection. They are central to our Catholic ethos and are an essential part of life in Loreto. 

‘Thank you to our parents. You have entrusted your sons and daughters to our care and we can only achieve what we do with your cooperation and support. It is greatly appreciated.

‘Finally, my thanks to you, our pupils. You are what make Loreto College so special. And as I said at the start, you are the future. Your future may be uncertain, and you may take small steps or make giant leaps along your journey beyond these walls. However, no matter what you do, there is one thing I feel sure of and that is that your Loreto values will always guide you along the right path. Take the time to be the best you can be in whatever you do. Look out for each other, support those who are vulnerable in our society, look after our environment, strive for the highest possible standards and remain respectful, courteous and mannerly. In the words of our Loreto Prayer, ‘this day is full of promise and opportunity,’ please use it well. ‘

The prizes were distributed as follows, presented by guest speaker Dr James McDaid, Principal Mr James, members of the Senior Leadership Team as well as Heads of Department and leaders of extra-curricular activities:

KS5 Academic Awards
Thomas Baxter-Mulvenna
Danny Burns
Niamh Carr
Donal Close
Sian Donaghy
Cabrina Farren
Eve Gardiner
Muryn Greene
Fionnuala Keane
Cathal Kearney
Conor Kelly
Aoibheann McCloskey
Finn McEwan
Aidan McGinley
Joseph McGinley
Dara McGoldrick
Nora McIlvenny
Susan McKendry
Anna McKeown
Emma McLaughlin
Eunan McNicholl
Jason Moore
Aisling O’Hare
Megan O’Kane
Carmen Owens
Oonagh Rafferty
Slyvia Smyth
Erin Donaghy
Luke Farren
Aoife McColgan
Cara McTaggart
Orla Mullan
Dearbhla Ní Choisneacháin

Year 12 Academic Awards
Aine Apperley
Matthew Boyle-McAree
Caoimhe Campbell
Amie Cassidy
Cheyanne Corbett
Tolulope Jide-Ojo
Aron Lestas
Caite McAtamney
Michael McConnell
Orla McEwan
Matthew McGowan
Hannah McLaughlin
Erin McNicholl
Rhiannon McNicholl
Eoin Mullan
Bronagh O’Kane
Kelan O’Kane
Fiyinfoluwa Owolabi
Teresa Sobocinska
Hannah Taylor
Anna Toner

Year 11 Academic Awards
Lisamarie Benson
Patrick Black
Caitlin Bond
Mirowlaw Bukowski
Oliver Burns
Clodagh Calvert
Tori Colson-Rice
Conrad ÓCoisneacháin
Jack Dihmis
David Farren
Isobel Healy
Orla Lafferty
Ciara McAlary
Nadine McAlister
Anna McGinley
Grace McIntyre
Cara McLaughlin
Cahir McNicholl
Conor McNicholl
Finn Mooney
Matthew Moore
Katie Mulholland
Catherine Mullan
Jude Mullan
Lucy O’Kane
Niall Owens
Darcy Peacock
Orla Quinn

Year 11 Diligence                                                    
11A  Finn Mooney
11B  Owen Benson
11C  Emily Bradley
11D  Catherine Mullan
11E  Tori Colson-Rice
11F  David Farren

Year 11 Co-operation & Leadership
11A  Eunan McGonigle
11B  Zoe Taylor
11C  Jakub Porebski
11D  Wiktoria Czerwinska
11E  Clodagh Calvert
11F  Bronagh McLaughlin

Year 12 Diligence
12A  Naomh McAlister
12B  Orla McEwan
12C  Neil Moloney
12D  Grainne Purcell
12E  Maria McDevitt 

Year 12 Co-operation and Leadership
12A  Conor McAleese
12B  Aron Lestas
12C  Cheyanne Corbett
12D  Hannah Taylor
12E  Tolulope Jide-Ojo & Oisin Mulhern

Other Awards
The Macaulay Wray Perpetual Cup for achievement in GCSE Mathematics:
Matthew McGowan
The Patricia McDermott Memorial Trophy for achievement in GCSE English:
Matthew McGowan
Award for the best article in School Magazine:
Caitlin McKay
The Zachary Geddis Plaque for Creative Art GCSE:
Nikola Felinska
The BKS Perpetual Trophy for contribution to A Level Geography:
Anna McKeown
The Clarke Rice Memorial Cup for Outstanding Achievement in A Level Computing:
Catherine Daly
The Stanleigh Cup for Outstanding Achievement in Music:
Kayleigh Colson-Rice
The AVX Computer Awards for achievement in Computer Project:
A Level - Matthew Catterson
GCSE - Cheyanne Corbett
The McGeown Cup for outstanding achievement in A-Level Economics:
Fionnuala Keane
The N & N Trophy for Outstanding Achievement in A Level Art & Design:
Aoibheann Conway
The Ryan McCloskey Memorial Cup for most improved student in Economics:
Thomas Baxter-Mulvenna 
The Michael Clarke Memorial Cup for achievement in Drama presented by Yr14 students 2002-2003:
David Brussard on behalf of Class 2018/19              
The Bank of Ireland Trophy for achievement in A Level Home Economics:
Cabrina Farren, Aoibheann McCloskey
Corn Bhrugha for Irish:
Cait Passmore
The Dankse Bank Award for achievement in A-Level Physics:
Jason Moore
The Institute of Physics Award:
Participation in Science Competitions:
Donal Close
Endeavour and Commitment to Science:
Lauren Monaghan
The Physical Sciences Award:
Conor Kelly  

The following awards are for outstanding achievement in individual subjects:

Fionnuala Keane
Cabrina Farren
Government and Politics:
Nora McIlvenny
Lucy McDonnell
Religious Education:
Oonagh Rafferty
Jason Moore
English Language:
Maeve Burns
English Literature:
Kirstie Brown
Sian Donaghy 
Briege McCarry
Technology & Design:
Eoin Jordan
Health & Social Care:
Aoibheann McCloskey
Business Studies:
Ciaran McCarry
Joseph McGinley
Sports Science Award:
Matthew Catterson
Sports Person of the Year, recipient of the Louise McLaughlin Trophy for outstanding contribution to Sporting Life of the College:
Cait Passmore
McLarnon Cup Player of the Year:
Conor Moore
Outstanding Contribution to Traditional Music:
Cianan Mooney, Donal Close, Dearbhla Ní Choisneachain, Ronan Close, Eve Gardiner, Niamh Mooney, Conrad Ó Coisneachain, Peadar Connor

For Full Attendance in 2018 – 2019 academic year
Cheyanne Corbett
Serena Corbett
Annie Levy
Orla McEwan
Susan McKendry
Fiyinfoluwa Owolabi
Grainne Purcell
Aine Quigley
For 7 Years Full Attendance:
Serena Corbett, Susan McKendry

Senior Prefects 2018-2019:
Kirstie Brown
Molly Canning
Niamh Carr
Una Clarke
Kaleigh Colson-Rice
Serena Corbett
Catherine Daly
Sian Donaghy
Sorcha Duggan
Cabrina Farren
Eve Gardiner
Muryn Greene
Fionnuala Keane
Riona Lafferty
Zara Leese
Briege McCarry
Orlaith McCarry
Aoibheann McCloskey
Lucy McDonnell
Shauna McGonigle
Nora McIlvenny
Courtney McKeague
Susan McKendry
Anna McKeown
Maeve McMorrough
Roisin McMorrough
Hannah Mullan
Tiegan Mullan
Kate Nelis
Aisling O’Hare
Megan O’Kane
Carmen Owens
Cait Passmore
Oonagh Rafferty
Sylvia Smyth
Thomas Baxter-Mulvenna
Callum Boorman
Owen Brolly
David Brussard
Thomas Bucukoglu
Danny Burns
Matthew Catterson
Anthony Christopher
Donal Close
Cahir Coll
Ben Culleton
Thomas Doran
Sean Irwin
Cathal Kearney
Conor Kelly
Ciaran McCarry
Finn McEwan
Aidan McGinley
Dara McGoldrick
Eunan McNicholl
Cianan Mooney
Joseph Mulholland
John Mullan
Joseph Mullan
Conor Olphert
Adam Purvis
Oran Somers
Owen Tsang

Special Awards
Award for outstanding achievement representing the College in sport at National Level:
Niamh Carr 
All Stars Award 2019:
Tiegan Mullan, Kirsty McFerran, Leo Passmore
Sports Captains 2018-2019:
Cait Passmore, Molly Canning, Niamh Carr, Finn McEwan, Danny Burns
The Teresa Ball Trophy for Commitment and Spirit:
Carmen Owens
The Kathleen Toner Memorial Cup:
Zara Leese
The Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in GCSE:
Matthew McGowan
The Principal’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in A-Level:
Conor Kelly
For outstanding contribution to the Loreto Ethos in GCSE years:
Kelan O’Kane
For outstanding contribution to the Loreto Ethos in A Level years:
Cabrina Farren

Deputy Head Boy  - Dara McGoldrick
Deputy Head Girl - Sian Donaghy
Head Boy - Donal Close
Head Girl - Fionnuala Keane

The evening concluded with inspiring, moving speeches by the 2018-2019 Head Girl and Head Boy, Fionnuala Keane and Dónal Close; the new Head Girl and Head Boy, Ailbhe McGuckian and Aidan McFerran, presented a gift to the guest speaker, Dr James McDaid, in recognition of his wonderful contribution to a memorable evening.