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All Year 11 students at Loreto College Coleraine enjoyed a workshop on The Economics of Staying in School on Monday 11th March 2019.

Thanks to Young Enterprise Northern Ireland, the Year 11 students now know the value of staying in school. The ‘Learn to Earn’ programme presented by the Young Enterprise team helps students understand that, by not acquiring further qualifications, they may be dooming themselves to jobs which will limit their lifestyle possibilities in later life.

The Economics of Staying in School programme is designed not only to show students in stark terms the difference between what they could earn if they pursued further qualifications, but also the difference in their future lifestyles. Through a variety of interactive activities during the course of the day, the students explored the choices they will make in the years ahead, as well as the realities of budgeting and the cost of living.

During the course, a variety of education and training options was discussed, including university qualifications, apprenticeships, certificates and training schemes. Consideration was also given to the possibility of the students one day running their own business. The emphasis was on encouraging the students to obtain sufficient information to enable them to make an informed choice of career.

Mrs Sinead McNicholl, Employability Co-ordinator at Loreto College, thanked the Young Enterprise representatives who led the day, for their interesting and thought-provoking contribution to the Year 11 Careers and Employability programme.