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National Stress Awareness Day was marked on 7th November with a talk by two representatives of Praxis Care to Year 11 and Year 12 students.

Praxis representatives Leanne and Geoff spoke to the students about causes of stress and how to manage it. They provided a number of resources to distribute to the students, such as a pocket sized Take 5 booklet reminding them to keep active; give; keep learning; take notice and connect with others. They also provided booklets on how to deal with stress, as well as stress balls and pens to distribute and information on accessing advice for positive mental health strategies, which will be shared with the students.

Mrs McCarry commented that the school is grateful to Leanne and Geoff from Praxis for taking the time to address our KS4 students at the stage when they are embarking on their GCSEs, and to highlight such an important area as part of our preventative curriculum.