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Loreto College recently appointed a group of Year 10 students as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.  They are:  David Farren and Bronagh McLaughlin (leaders), Nadia Pritchard, Hannah Francis, Niall Owens, Daniel Sharpe, Patrick Black, Conrad O’Coisneachain, Anna O’Kane and Darcy Peacock. The students are being introduced to all students at assembly this week and their photos are displayed in the foyer.

They are planning some initiatives for this term. All students will receive an anti-bullying pledge card and should recite this every morning in assembly or registration. The pledge reads:
I pledge to:
Treat others the way I would want to be treated;
Be there for my friends;
And treat everybody with equal respect.

The Ambassadors and the staff leading the initiative also intend to make a student friendly anti-bullying policy and carry out a positive and supportive Poster campaign.

The students will meet every Friday morning in the library during registration and form to discuss issues arising and ideas for the future. They will try to respond to suggestions from the suggestion box in the foyer. All students were trained by the Diana Award charity and took part in a full day’s training to become anti-bullying ambassadors. The hope is that this pilot scheme will be extended to other year groups next year.