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Year 8 Academic Success Award Winners - View Full Size Image
Year 8 Academic Success Award Winners
Year 9 Academic Success Award Winners - View Full Size Image
Year 9 Academic Success Award Winners
Year 10 Academic Success Award Winners - View Full Size Image
Year 10 Academic Success Award Winners
Year 8-10 Athletes and Swimmers of the Year - View Full Size Image
Year 8-10 Athletes and Swimmers of the Year
Special Award Winners - View Full Size Image
Special Award Winners

The annual Junior Prizegiving at Loreto College Coleraine was held in the College Hall on Monday 25th June 2007, at the conclusion of a very busy year in the life of the school.

Speaking to the assembled students from Year 8 – Year 10, College Principal Mr Brian Lenehan said,

“All of you make a great contribution to the life of the school, not only through your studies but also through the numerous other extra-curricular activities, sport, clubs and competitions provided by the school.  It is marvellous to see so many participating in the life of the school in whatever area that may be.  It is also wonderful to see you supporting and helping each other, the older pupils looking out for the younger ones – and in a few years you all will be the older ones and I’ve no doubt you will look out for the younger ones.  Getting involved, doing things, participating will enable you to grow in confidence and self-belief, teach you how to be a team member, cope with new situations and prepare you for new challenges in the future.  You’ll also make new friends and there is nothing to beat having a real friend.  So although this year is almost over I would encourage you all to become involved in the wider life of the school next year whether in sport, music, drama, extra-curricular activities, competitions and the many other things that take place.

“Your studies, of course, are of paramount importance and I commend you for your diligence and hard work throughout the year and in your preparation for your summer examinations.  In school here we try to do the best we can in everything we do and that includes you.  This is your school, it is here for your benefit and what you take away from here when you leave will depend partly on us, your teachers, yes! But it will largely depend on you.  You will only get out of anything what you put into it – that’s a law of life.  And along the way we all experience disappointments – that’s another law of life.  It is how we deal with these and move on from them that is so important for each of us.  I hope that in this school you will always find the support and friendships in the staff and pupils to be able to move on from disappointments.

“We hope that during your time here in Loreto you will always be able to step up and out and always able to find the help to enable you to do that.”

Mr Lenehan then gave an outline of the highlights and achievements of the academic year just ending.

The prizes were distributed as follows:

William Lane, Jamie McAlary, Norene McBride, Fiona McGrath, Catherine McLaughlin, Niamh Meehan, Ger Mullan, Aisling O’Kane, Eve O’Loan, Gemma Reid,

Jamie Armstrong, Caoimhe Bond, Anna Breslin, Natalie Costello, Katherine Giddins, Emma Kelly, Mary Kate Mackle, Megan McLaughlin, Joshua Quigley, Bronagh Ward,

Gemma Black, Ciara Christie, Claire Hill, Claire McAtamney, Martin McCloskey, Dearbhla McCotter, Roisin Rafferty, Christina Robinson, Samantha Rodgers, Luke Stuart, ,

8A Justyna Pajak
8B Simone Doherty
8C Nicole Jenkins
8D Dean O’Kane
8E Sarah Wall

9A Odhran McKee
9B Laura McKeague
9C Matthew Mailey
9D Ashleen Stewart
9E Stephanie Young

10A Joshua Rohdich
10B Matthew McLaughlin
10C Shannon Law
10D Kevin Beatty
10E Stephen McCloskey

8A Megan Kerr
8B Conor McCloskey
8C Tomas McCloskey
8D Caoimhe McGowan
8E Cristin O’Kane

9A Alex Brownlow
9B Dhruv Dahiya
9C James McCullagh
9D Conor Reid
9E Clare Magee

10A Samantha Borland
10B Erin Costen
10C Eimear McAllister
10D Chantelle Browne
10E Bronagh Mullan

8A Sean McKendry
8B Lauryn O’Neill
8C Claire Burke
8D Vincent McMullan
8E Jack McCann

9A Ben McAteer
9B Seana McCracken
9C Rachel Magee
9D Darryl Wills
9E Maria Mooney

10A Gemma Mullins
10B Paula McLister
10C Pearce Mooney
10D Casey Moore
10E Christine McIlfatrick

8A Eimear Anderson
8B Dean McCloskey
8C James Granleese
8D Orrin Devlin
8E Sean McMullan

9A Nicky McKeague
9B Ben Murray
9C Niamh McGahon
9D Rebecca Lagan
9E Niamh Doherty

10A Emma Morren
10B Katherine Owens
10C Shannon McKeever
10D Michelle McGurk
10E Shane Mullan

8A Liam Gerrard
8B Clare Tracey
8C Emma O’Kane
8D Thomas McCann
8E Kirsty Bell

9A Shannon Costello
9B Ciara Brankin
9C Megan Doherty
9D Daniel Brown
9E Eoin Coyle

10A Emma Campbell
10B James Johnston
10C Aidan Moore
10D Rachel Gaile
10E Declan O’Neill

8A Una Marie Darragh
8B Ciara McMacken
8C Angelene Brolly
8D Fiona McIntyre
8E Danielle Ferris

9A Katie Shaw
9B Connor McCann
9C Orlagh McNicholl
9D Margaret Mooney
9E Caoimhe Bond

10A Niamh Boylan
10B Martin McKay
10C Dominic McNeill
10D James O’Mullan
10E Shannon O’Neill

8A Niall Reid
8B Lauryn McAleese
8C Aidan Carlin
8D Olivia McLaughlin
8E Aileen McAllister

9A Eoin Cunning
9B Shannon Mullan
9C James McIlvar
9D Joshua Quigley
9E Conal Gormley

10A Katherine McIntyre
10B Diarmaid Hill
10C Ciaran Judge
10D Erin McCloskey
10E Aoife Owens

BEST READERS IN YEAR 8 – according to our Library records
Kirsty Bell, Aoife Kealey, Catherine McLaughlin, Emma O’Kane, Ronan Cunning, Conor McCloskey, Sean McMullan, Danielle O’Neill, Una Marie Darragh, Caoimhe McGowan, Jennifer Mustchin, Gemma Reid,


Contribution to Loreto Ethos in Junior School: Dearbhla McCotter
Generosity and Commitment: Gemma Black
Perseverance: Roisin Ingram, Sam Maguire
Participation in School Life: Claire Hill
Independence of Spirit and Courage: Una Race
Trinity Cup for Singing: Katherine Giddins
Trinity Cup for Piano: Emma Kelly
Trinity Award for Singing: Eve O’Loan, Michaela McErlean, Anna Moloney, Alex Brownlow, Maria Mooney, Gemma Mullins, Claire Hill, Donelle Reynolds
Trinity Award for Instrumental Music: Lauryn O’Neill
Public Speaking: Orlagh Mailey
Best Contribution to School Magazine: Erin Costen
Young Artist & Designer: Casey Moore
Gael Og na Bliana: Dearbhla McCotter
Best Geography Investigation in Year 8: Aisling O’Kane
Best Geography Investigation in Year 9: Natalie Costello
Best Geography Investigation in Year 10: Claire Hill and Christina Robinson
Food for Sport: Peter Reid and Megan O’Kane
Year 9 ICT best work throughout the year: Natalie Costello, Patrick Martin, Anna Breslin, Caoimhe Bond
Le Prix Francais, awarded in Y10 French for enthusiasm and endeavour: Dearbhla McCotter
The Vechta Prize, awarded in Y10 German for enthusiasm and endeavour: Katherine Owens
Best in KS3 Science: Martin McCloskey

Drama (Best Male)
Year 8 Liam McGoldrick
Year 9 James McCullagh
Year 10 Jordan Kealey

Drama (Best Female)
Year 8 Anna Moloney
Year 9 Laura Christie
Year 10 Claire Hill

5 Star Athletes:
Year 8 Megan Kerr, Clare Tracey, Maeve Lofthouse, John McLister
Year 9 Megan McLaughlin, Anna Breslin, Che Bradley, Sam Boylan, Joshua Quigley, Daniel McAleese, Shaun McAlone, Pauric McDermott
Year 10 Katy Lemon, Ruairi Quinn, Simon Osborne, Martin McCloskey, Ryan O’Kane, James McLister, Stephen McAlone

Athlete of the Year
Year 8 John McLister, Christin O’Kane
Year 9 Sam Boylan, Anna Breslin
Year 10 Stephen McAlone, Claire Hill

Swimmer of the Year
Year 8 Liam McGoldrick, Orla Quigg

Winners of Poc Fada
Year 8 Boys
1st Liam McGoldrick
2nd Aaron McReynolds

Year 8 Girls
1st Megan Kerr
2nd Cristin O’Kane

Year 9 Boys
1st Shaun McAlone
2nd Sean McGuckian

Year 9 Girls
1st Shaun McAlone
2nd Sean McGuckian

Year 10 Boys
1st James O’Mullan
2nd Declan O’Neill, Ruairi McVeigh

Year 10 Girls
1st Louise Mullan
2nd Samantha Rodgers

Year 8
Ciaran Colhoun, Clodagh Connolly, Conor Eakin, John Giron, Sinead Hardy, Peter Hodgkinson, Aoife Kealey, Lauryn McAleese, Dean McCloskey, Ryan McCormick, Caoimhe McGowan, Sean McKendry, Thomas McMullan, Conor McMullan, Ellie McNeill, Scott McPeake, Hannah Millar, Oonagh Nugent, Aisling O’Kane, Cristin O’Kane, Naomi Ramage, Clare Tracey, Sarah Wall

Year 9
Jamie Armstrong, James Bannon, Laura Christie, Angus Dinsmore, Emma Kelly, Kieran Kelly, Ben McAteer, Connor McCann, Justin Millar, Margaret Mooney, Hannah Morren, Shannon Mullan, Eimear O’Kane, Terese Rafferty, Mischa Railton, Conor Reid

Year 10
Emma Campbell, Ciara Christie, Jarlath Eastwood, Rachael Gaile, Olivia Hamilton, Claire Hill, Christopher Kwong, Sinead McAllister, Claire McAtamney, Dearbhla McCotter, Matthew McLaughlin, Gregory Rafferty


Best in School: Caoimhe Bond

5 Gold Certificates:
Caoimhe Bond, Eoin Cunning, Sam Boylan, Conor Dowds, Joshua Quigley

10 Silver Certificates:
Paul Allen, Scott Deeney, Angus Dinsmore, Niamh Doherty, Emma Kelly, Mary Kate Mackle, Matthew Mailey, Jack Nelis, Terese Rafferty, Darryl Wills

15 Bronze Certificates:
Anna Breslin, Michael Cheuk, Chruv Dahiya, Tom Diamond, Conal Gormley, Patrick Martin, Daniel McAleese, Seana McCracken, Pauric McDermott, Aodhan McIlvenny, Megan McLaughlin, Stephen McNicholl, Owen Moore, Ciaran Mullan