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Y11 students giving out some of the equipment on offer at the Lunchtime Club - View Full Size Image
Y11 students giving out some of the equipment on offer at the Lunchtime Club

With the motto of “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”, a new Lunchtime Club has been set up at Loreto College Coleraine, based in the College’s PE Department.

As outlined in the recent Loreto College Healthy Lifestyle Policy, the College is committed to promoting health and well being amongst our pupils and staff. Resources have become available to purchase equipment for lunchtime activities including a ‘Healthy Eating’ project through the NEELB’s Investing for Health Grant Programme. This is in addition to the normal extra curricular activities.

The aim of the project is to continue to promote activity and healthy eating at Loreto College, thus promote better learning and ‘healthier’ pupils

In the course of the Summer Term, students had a chance to discuss with their PE teachers what they might want regarding equipment and activities over the break and lunchtime periods.  By early June, membership cards were available for purchase by students – with Gold Membership available at a cost of £5, and Silver Membership at a cost of £2 .

Mrs Maureen McCullough, Head of PE at Loreto College, explained:

“The Gold membership allows pupils to hire more expensive equipment, though Silver members can collectively hire out more expensive items (i.e. 3 cards per item e.g. footballs, rackets, rounders sets).  Silver members can hire out small items like Frisbees, tennis balls for juggling, ropes etc.

“On wet days we hope to open the Sports Hall (if free over lunch) for Table tennis, Badminton and skipping, when supervision is available.

“A “trial week” of the project ran from Monday 11th June, directly after the in-house examinations, and included the annual Sports Day on 14th June.

“The project also involves continuing to encourage ‘Healthy choices’ at lunch. More information will be given to pupils on this at a later date.”

Following a bright start, it is hoped that the Lunchtime Club will continue to be a popular fixture with the Loreto College student population with the beginning of the new academic year next September.