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Y9 students and Justice League members during a Trócaire fundraising activity - View Full Size Image
Y9 students and Justice League members during a Trócaire fundraising activity
Y8 students during a Trócaire fundraising activity - View Full Size Image
Y8 students during a Trócaire fundraising activity

The annual Trócaire collections and fundraising took place throughout Lent at Loreto College Coleraine, with all form classes and year groups coming up with interesting initiatives to raise money alongside traditional use of Trócaire boxes in classrooms. An amazing total of £6000 was raised by the entire school community in the course of Lent.

Trócaire’s campaign this year was helping to implement Disaster Risk Reduction strategies to help areas in Honduras respond quickly to flooding. Because of the problems experienced due to a shortage of water, or in Honduras’ case too much water, it was decided to try and involve pupils in a water related event, partly inspired by World Water Day in March as well.  Bearing this campaign in mind, the Justice Group and their teacher-coordinator Mrs McCool came up with some interesting fundraising ideas which were taken up by many form classes and year groups. 

Sixteen capped water canisters were made available for classes to complete laps around the hockey pitch. This proved an effective way of getting the Trócaire message across as well as raising funds through sponsorship. Mrs McCool’s 10E form class and Mrs McGreevy’s 8D class took part in a water relay race in late March, which proved to be a really enjoyable event. Mr Conroy, meanwhile, took his Year 10 form class on a walk, but laden with water canisters so the pupils experienced, even briefly, the discomfort of carrying water a long distance. Women in developing countries walk on average 6km per day to fetch water. Miss Galbraith, Ms Kirby, Ms Mullan and Mrs Close also involved their form classes in the Water activity.

Among the top fundraising form classes week by week were: 8B and Mr Murphy with a total of £83.21 in week 1; 9B and their form teacher Mrs McBroom, raising £48.99 in week 2; Mrs McAleese's form class 8C, who raised a wonderful £137.43 in week 3; 10B and Mr Conroy, who raised an impressive £163 in week 4; 14D and Mrs Mellon, raising an amazing £690 in the final week.  Over the course of Lent as a whole, the top fundraisers were:
Year 8: 8E and Miss Galbraith, £320.07
Year 9: 9B and Mrs McBroom, £565.69
Year 10: 10D and Mrs McCool, £362.00
Year 11: 11B and Mrs Close, £153.00
Year 12: 12A and Mrs McGill, £114.36.

Year 13 raised £592.21 in total, with top fundraisers 13C and Mrs McEwan raising £138.51.  Meanwhile Year 14 raised a magnificent total of £1055.00, with top honours going to 14D and Mrs Mellon, who raised £690. Mrs McBroom and 9B completed a 2K sponsored walk and came a very close second with £565.

Year 13 raised £385 at their Trócaire coffee morning  while Mrs Mellon and her form class 14D introduced the Lucky Stars draw, gathering great interest with exciting prizes and raising a wonderful £690!  Congratulations also go to Mrs McGoldrick, Mr Loughran, Miss Flannelly and Mrs Mellon whose Year 14 Form classes raised a wonderful £366 at their coffee afternoon, facilitated by the Year 14 Group RE teachers.

Mrs Lorraine McCool, Social Justice Co-ordinator at Loreto College, paid tribute to all the staff and students of the College for their generosity, dedication and determination in raising this magnificent total for Trócaire during the Lenten season.