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Religious Education

Year 14 students receiving the Pope John Paul 11 Award, 2011 - View Full Size Image
Year 14 students receiving the Pope John Paul 11 Award, 2011
Academic Year 2013/2014

Head of Department:
Mrs S McCarry
Teaching Staff:
Mr K Conroy (Liturgical Co-ordinator)
Miss J Galbraith
Ms K. Gauld / Mrs M McGreevy
Mrs M. McAleese
Mrs S. Mellon
Miss R Stewart
Mrs B Sweeney
Sr. Maura (Part-Time)
Welcome to the Religious Education Department
The RE department is comprised of four full-time specialist Religion teachers. We have four well-resourced classrooms, including
• Computers with full C2K network access
• TV, video and CD player facilities
• Full class sets of Bibles
• Reference books
• Four of the rooms have interactive whiteboards
• Access to data projectors
• A resource room
• The Loreto Convent Chapel is beside the RE Department and is used for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Advent and Lenten Masses and private prayer for staff, students and the Loreto Community
“I listened to God’s dream for me and felt obliged to accept his invitation” 
(Mary Ward)
All students study Religion to GCSE level at Loreto. The AQA syllabus – Specification A is followed: Unit 5 St. Mark’s Gospel and Unit 4 Roman Catholicism: Ethics.
In studying Religion to GCSE level, the students are provided with the opportunity to build on their communication and literacy skills – oral and written - through analysis, evaluation, selecting appropriate detail, research, debating, essay writing. Furthermore, the students are encouraged to explore moral dilemmas and refer to the gospel message and Church teaching to help decision-making.
AS / A2 Religion
Currently classes are taught the CCEA Specifications AS2: ‘An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles’ (Paper 1), and AS6 ‘Religious Ethics: Foundations, Principles and Practice’ (Paper 2). At A2 level, the students engage in : ‘A Study of Acts of the Apostles, Galatians and 1 Corinthians’ (A22) and a study of ‘Ethics and Society’ (A26).
At AS and A2 level, skills are actively promoted, in that students are encouraged to complete individual research; enhance skills at communicating information effectively; analyse impacts on human experience, be selective in choosing appropriate information for set tasks; work collaboratively in class; express views and opinions; evaluate and analyse; make connections between courses and recognise cross-curricular links.
KS5 General Religion
All students in Years 13 and 14 are timetabled for General Religion. Year 13 are currently timetabled in a modular system, where they will meet with five teachers, and learn about the following: Cults / World Religions; Positive thinking strategies; Morality; Healthy Lifestyles and Prayer.
The Year 14 program is based on a series of speakers who are invited into the school to explain their work. Themes covered range from Stress Relief through Yoga and Reflexology, Alcoholics Anonymous; ACET; Simon Community; St. Vincent de Paul; Concern; Habitat for Humanity and Trocaire. There are days organised for cross links with Sandleford School. Not only does the provision of General Religion, give the students a much needed break from examination demands, but it also opens options to them, regarding the potential they might have to be a part of the many outreach programs available to them. It also conveys the Christian responsibility to be aware of moral dilemmas and systems of social injustice and act on these. With this in mind, many of our students partake in the Pope John Paul 11 Award in Year 13 and Year 14. Here they are encouraged to take an active role in their parish and in participating in groups to promote social justice.